Hollywood Dreams Parade

Parade /pəˈreɪd/:
[noun] a public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event

Some of you might recall that we’ll be launching Universal Studios Singapore’s first ever parade this New Year’s Eve. And I’m sure we can all agree that every day at Universal Studios Singapore is a special day – you don’t get to ride the movies any old time after all.

True to our aim to make it ‘a fun day every day’, the Hollywood Dreams Parade will be a celebration of the spectacle of movies, replete with dazzling dancers, dramatic performances and, er, spitting dinosaurs. As an early New Year’s treat, we’re serving -up five numerical facts about the parade as appetizers before you chow down the full main course when you watch it yourself.

668 metres

That’s the length of the parade route. Stretching through five out of seven of Universal Studios Singapore’s  themed zones, it starts from the Lost World, and makes its way through Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi C-ity, and New York, exiting at Vine Street just before The Brown Derby, our quintessential accessory haven with all things whimsical. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch the full parade within these zones!


10 minutes

That’s how long your parade experience is at any one location along the route. The entire parade lasts 30 minutes, from appearance of first float till last character in the procession.


A sneak peek of the pesky water-spraying Dilophosaurus on the Lost World float. This fella packs a mean squirt.


6 electrifying scenes

With ‘Rolling Marquee & Stars in Car’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘Far Far Away’, ‘Lost World’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘That’s a Wrap’, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Interact with the characters, be chilled by the reading of the Book of the Dead and tremble in fear at the roars of the “fearfully great lizards”. Groove along with colourful characters and dancers!


Maybe no grooving with this irate Mummy-guardian.

14 floats…

… and supporting trailers. If you line them up end-to-end, they measure 300 metres; that’s ¾ of a standard stadium track!


45 types of costumes

Donned by the performers and characters in the parade procession – see if you can spot them all!


Hollywood Dreams Parade debuts on December 31, 2011 at 6.30pm. Thereafter, it starts at 6pm every Saturday, Sunday, and on select holidays.

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