11 Types of Exclusive Merchandise to Get at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights (USS HHN) 8

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights (USS HHN) is finally here! We know that many of you USS HHN fans would like a souvenir to remember this year’s visit by. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of exclusive merchandise to get when you visit the eighth edition of USS HHN from now till 31 October 2018. Here are our top picks.

*Note that Minion Mart will be closed during the Scaremony at the start of each event night.

1. Stranger Things x Universal Studios T-Shirt (Men’s)

USS HHN 2018

This year marks the first time USS, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort will be partnering with Netflix to bring to life its critically acclaimed series in a Stranger Things house. Are you a fan of the series? Then get your hands on a limited edition Stranger Things T-Shirt (Men’s; S$30) sold at Universal Studios Store.

2. Stranger Things Trucker Cap

USS HHN 2018

This one’s for the hardcore fans who really want to fully immerse themselves in the world of Stranger Things. Put on this limited edition Stranger Things Trucker Cap (S$20) before you step into the Stranger Things house to enter the psyche of Dustin, one of the main characters of the series who sported a similar cap throughout the series. Available at Universal Studios Store.

3. Minion Monsters Caps

Everyone loves the Minions. That’s why we’re having not one, but two different Minion Monsters cap (S$25) designs this Halloween!

USS HHN 2018

The first design above captures the Minions in their goofy element, available at Universal Studios Store.

USS HHN 2018

The second is a mummy-inspired cute-meets-badass design for those who wish to exude a cooler, mysterious vibe. Available at Minion Mart.

4. Minion Monsters Tumbler

USS HHN 2018

Instead of using disposable to-go cups for your morning coffee, do your part for the earth by going green with this aesthetic monochrome Minion Monsters Tumbler (S$26)! Available at Minion Mart.

5. Minion Monsters Plushies

USS HHN 2018

Nobody makes looking bored cuter than the Minions do – I mean, just look at this Minion Monsters Frankenstein plushie (S$35)!

USS HHN 2018

And if one plushie isn’t enough for you, there’s also a Minion Monsters teddy (S$35) you can get together with it.

Both plush toys are available at Minion Mart.

6. Minion Monsters Popcorn Bucket

USS HHN 2018

But if you’re one to prefer collectible figurines, the Minion Monsters Frankenstein is also available as a popcorn bucket (S$40). And what is a popcorn bucket without popcorn? Bring this bucket along with your receipt to a popcorn stand at USS and enjoy a free serving of popcorn on us! Available at Minion Mart.

7. Minion Monsters Lanyard

USS HHN 2018

Zap some fun into your work life by getting this Minion Monsters Lanyard (S$12) for your staff pass at Minion Mart. If you look closely, it includes an adorable Frankenstein Minion metal pin right at the bottom!

8. Little Monsters Plushies

USS HHN 2018

Speaking of Frankenstein, Universal Studios has come up with an original line of ‘Little Monsters’ merchandise specially for Halloween. This series will feature a variety of characters such as Frankenstein, his bride, a mummy and more.

USS HHN 2018USS HHN 2018

Some of these characters are available as Little Monsters Plushies (S$25) at Universal Studios Store.

9. Little Monsters Flask

USS HHN 2018

If you’d prefer all of the Little Monsters characters together, then get this Little Monsters Flask (S$25) at Universal Studios Store. Our team’s resident hipster cum collector of cute things (read: she has a humidifier in the shape of a choo choo train) gave her nod of approval when she saw this, and so should you.

10. Little Monsters Lanyard

USS HHN 2018

Said hipster then squealed when she saw me holding this Little Monsters Lanyard (S$10) at Universal Studios Store, and proceeded to snatch it from my hands saying that she wanted to get one. Enough said.

11. Little Monsters Tote Bag

USS HHN 2018

Lastly, we have a Little Monsters Tote Bag (S$35) at Universal Studios Store. Practical and chic, this tote will serve you well on your casual days out, gym days, holidays and more – all while doubling up as an accessory to up your Instagram game.


Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
Date: 27 September to 31 October 2018 (18 selected nights only)
Time: 7.30pm till late
Price: standard tickets are at S$58 (non-peak) and S$68 (peak)

Comment below to let us know what you’re looking most forward to at #HHN8, we want to know!

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