8 Themed Food & Drinks at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8

With Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights (USS HHN) being a night-long event, you’re bound to get hungry and thirsty at some point during the night. And here at Asia’s top amusement park, even the food and drinks we serve contribute to the thematic experience you get on your visit. To add a finishing touch to your visit to HHN8, here’s a list of HHN8 food and drink items you should get while you’re at the event, happening from now to 31 October 2018.

1. Horror Eight Beakers
2. Horror Eight Test Tubes

USS Halloween

Mad science meets horror in the Horror Eight series, comprising 8 different drinks served in beakers or test tubes at the Horror Lab Bars located outside KT’s Grill and StarBot Café

USS Halloween

Drinks served in beakers are available in four different flavours (from left to right in photo above):

  • Corpse Reviver (S$8): Orange Juice & Grass Jelly
  • Cursed Tamago (S$8): Apple Juice & Lychee Popping Boba
  • Grateful Dead (S$10): Bacardi Rum, Lime Juice, Blue Curacao Syrup & Tadpole Jelly
  • Bloody Curse (S$10): Smirnoff Vodka, Lime Juice, Strawberry Syrup & Grass Jelly

USS Halloween

If you like how edible lustre dust looks on camera (#doingitforthegram), then the following might interest you more (from left to right in the photo above). Just note that they’re all alcoholic:

  • Doomed (S$10): Vodka, Lychee Syrup, Lychee Popping Boba
  • Jade Spirit (S$10): Gin, Green Apple Syrup, Lychee Popping Boba
  • Liquid Immortality (S$10): Tequila, Mango Puree, Lychee Popping Boba
  • Soul Taker (S$10): Rum, Blueberry Syrup, Lychee Popping Boba

Non-alcoholic test tube shots (S$3) are also available at various push carts around the Park.

3. Blood Sucker

USS Halloween

Hardcore HHN fans, we heard you. That’s why we’ve brought in the Blood Sucker jello bags that were all the rave in Universal Orlando Resort a few years ago – and we’ve made them our own! Alcoholic (S$12) and non-alcoholic (S$9) versions are available at various locations around the Park. We were also rather creeped out by how in character the staff selling them are (read: good photo opportunity).

4. Jello Syringe

HHN8 Food

Back by popular demand, this year’s Jello Syringes are available in orange and blueberry flavours (S$8). They’re available all around the Park and come with a cap, so you don’t have to finish it in a single go.

P.S. they also make rather good props for a photo shoot with your squad while you’re waiting in the queue lines.

5. Evil Eyeball Pasta

Fighting your fears at HHN8’s haunted houses can be hard work. Fuel up with the Evil Eyeball Pasta (S$18) at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor! This cheesy meatball pasta is particularly for those who want something wholesome and more than just a snack on the go.

6. Creepy Spooky Meal

USS Halloween

If one serving of pasta isn’t enough for you, then dig in to a Creepy Spooky Meal (S$38++) at KT’s Grill. The hearty meal comprises:

  • (Soup) The Witch Craft: Clear Minestrone, Chicken & Squid Ink Pasta Soup
  • (Main) Meal of Witch: Eggs Benedict (contains pork) or Witch Grave: Shepherd’s Pie as above (contains beef)
  • (Dessert) Cyclone: Lychee Rose Panna Cotta

We guarantee you’ll be ready to fight off zombies and save humanity after this.

7. Evil Eyeball Cupcake

USS Halloween

Have a sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered with the Evil Eyeball Cupcake (S$5) available at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor and StarBot Café. Essentially a red velvet cupcake topped with a rich vanilla cream, sugar ‘glass’ and a jello eyeball, this one’s for those who aren’t that hungry, but would still very much like something substantial in their tummies.

8. Fallen Angel

USS Halloween

Nothing screams ‘happening’ more than glittering beer (draft beer with edible lustre dust) in a light-up cup. If you’re 18 and over, be sure to grab a blinking cup of Fallen Angel (S$16) at HHN8’s Street Bars, and show off to all your Instagram followers how you’re always at the most exciting events in town! A regular beer mug version (S$13++) is also available for dine-in at KT’s Grill.

Don’t forget to snap photos of the above HHN8 food and drink items, and tag us @rwsentosa and #HHN8 – we love it when you guys get creative!


Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 8

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
Date: Now to 31 October 2018 (18 selected nights only)
Time: 7.30pm till late
Price: standard tickets are at S$58 (non-peak) and S$68 (peak)

Comment below to let us know what you’re looking most forward to at #HHN8, we want to know!

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