Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 (HHN7) Details

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The wait is over. The country’s premier scare event, Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7 (HHN7) is back – with five haunted houses, two scare zones, two live shows and an all-new Zombie Laser Tag Experience.

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This year, HHN7 plays on the theme of sins. You may have heard of the Seven Deadly Sins, but what about the deadlier versions? For 14 selected nights from 29 September to 29 October 2017 (see calendar below), HHN7 brings you Seven Deadlier Sins – Malice, Obsession, Manipulation, Narcissism, Cruelty, Deception and Perversion – derived from our preoccupation with individualism, beauty and power. The Seven Deadlier Sins are embodied by seven iconic characters called the Sinisters.

Dates for HHN7

Said to be “the darkest and most twisted horrors ever unleashed” in USS’s HHN history, what you can expect in HHN7’s five haunted houses, two scare zones and two live shows and the Zombie Laser Tag Experience? Let’s take a look.

HHN7 Map (Updated on 8 Sep)

Event photos updated on 2 October 2017.

All-new Zombie Laser Tag Experience

… he shot me down.

What is it? If you haven’t heard of laser tag, it’s this game of tag played via shooting infrared beams at your opponents and try not to get shot yourself.

What can I do here? In teams of four, you’ll be equipped in laser tag gear to fend off zombies and escape. One person in each team will also wear a head “sense-band” that uses the latest in brainwave gaming technology to “sense concentration levels to help unlock clues”. We hear this includes using it to open locked door to escape. So you’d best pick someone who can multitask, and not the screamer in your group.

Where is it? Sting Alley, in between KT’s Grill and Lights, Camera, Action!

How much does it cost? It requires a ticket upgrade of S$38 per person, per session. Slots are limited so it’s recommended to register and book your session before you visit.

Five Haunted Houses

With original scares and storylines that will resonate with local and international audiences.

What are haunted houses (versus scare zones)? In Halloween Horror Nights, haunted houses are zoned areas with strongly themed elements, which comes with a tightly weaved story. Most are indoors, and guests will experience the scares in sequence. Darkness, creepy sounds, tight spaces and jump scares are common elements to expect. In general, haunted houses are ‘scarier’ than scare zones.

Details and images of the houses and zones are currently scarce, and we are investigating further. More will be revealed at later dates, so keep this bookmarked and check back often.

Death Mall (Sin: Malice)

Death Mall Facade

This isn’t your regular shopping mall. It collapsed on opening day due to ignored safety processes and shortcuts forced on the workers by the mall owner. 500 guests were killed. What’s left of the forlorn mall is now filled with vengeful spirits seeking justice and revenge on the mall owner. Even innocent passers-by are not safe!

Where is it in the park? Vine Street, next to Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Who’s the Sinister character? MALICE. The embodiment of spirits that perished. Spotted with wild white hair with angry lines on her face. Floats and hide in shadows.

What can you expect? In this collapsed mall, vengeful spirits of those who died in the accident are waiting to exact revenge.

Make the Cut (Sin: Narcissism) 

Entrance of Make the Cut

Talent shows are a big thing these days, and KILL entertainment is holding auditions for the next big thing in Gore-Pop. Witness the lengths fame-crazed wannabes will go in this twist on the Korean wave.

Where is it in the park? Ancient Egypt, behind Revenge of the Mummy.

Who’s the Sinister character? Raven. A clear case of self-love and fixation on appearances gone wrong. Guard yourself: be humble, not deceived.

What can you expect? You’ll get a chance to meet KILL Entertainment’s manager Kim ‘Die’ Yeong. He’ll offer you a shot at fame with Gore-ditions, an X-scream Makeover and Horror Camp. Will you take it?

Terrorcotta (Sin: Cruelty)

Terrorcotta army

No, it wasn’t a typo. In a bid to become the most powerful female rule in ancient China, Empress Qing has amassed for herself an army or terrorcotta soldiers who will carry out her every cruel edict.

Where is it in the park? WaterWorld.


Who’s the Sinister character? Empress Qing. One of the most exquisite beauties of her time, she was in fact ‘Cruelty’ secretly wrapped in porcelain skin. Legend has it that she stormed into the main hall of the palace and took the Emperor’s head, all in a fit of rage.

What can you expect? In a mausoleum (group of tombs) built in her honour, be subject to her fearsome power. Will you find yourself in good favour with her, or will you end up like the many unfortunate souls who crossed her?

Hex (Sin: Manipulation)


Step into a realm where black magic abounds. A treacherous witch doctor and shaman, the Midnight Man will manipulate all weak minds and feeble hearts of those who dare enter.

Where is it in the park? Between Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy.

Midnight Man in Hex

Who’s the Sinister character? Midnight Man. He is known to satiate the seekers of retribution with hex magic. But there’s a catch: it is said that a part of one’s ‘soul and energy’ is taken as payment whenever his services are requested.

What can you expect? Have your eyes awakened by the Midnight Man’s vengeful power as you face the repercussions of your own desires. Be on your guard in this ominous realm, lest you get manipulated by his dirty dealings and trickery.

Inside the Mind (Sin: Obsession)

Artful appreciation of Inside the Mind requires abstract thought as you delve into the psyche of a twisted criminal.

Where is it in the park? Area beside New York Public Library.

Lord Obsession

Who’s the Sinister character? Obsession. The macabre and omnipresent being that continually preoccupies one’s mind. If you’ve allowed him to enter your mind, you’re probably already lost and trapped in the madness, forlorn.

What can you expect?  Journey with dark shadowy forms (that live within) from one part of the brain to another as you experience an array of awry psychological processes, from the recollection of scarring memories to the pump of adrenaline to sadistic aggression.

Two Scare Zones

What are scare zones (versus haunted houses)? In Halloween Horror Nights, scare zones are themed areas where guests can explore freely. The scare experience is not as controlled and they usually come in the form of scare characters going after the guests. Because scare zones are out in the open, the scare zone experience can be terrifying (for the easily scared), but is generally not as ‘scary’ as haunted houses.

Happy Horror Days (Sin: Perversion)


Where is it in the park? The Lost World.

Who’s the Sinister character? Father Time. As the keeper of time, he’s witnessed how holidays have been spoiled with expensive gifts, excessive wastage and the gratification of carnal pleasures. He’s had enough. Time to give humans a taste of their own medicine.

What can you expect? From a diabolical-looking Easter bunny and a wicked Humpty Dumpty, Happy Horror Days represents your favourite holidays gone wrong.

Pilgrimage of Sin (Seven Deadlier Sins)

Pilgrimage of Sin

Where is it in the park? New York zone.

What can you expect? As a microcosm of all Seven Deadlier Sins, pass the Guardians of the Gates and face the Keepers that mind the altars. Join the devotees who have come from all over the world to pay penance and seek absolution.

Two New Live Shows

Laboratorium (Sin: Deception)


Held at Pantages Hollywood Theater, this show features death-defying stunts performed by international acts, and exposes the deception of plague doctors who treat humans as test subjects to find a cure for the Black Death, only to create freaks with supernatural abilities.

Slice of Life Tour (Sin: Narcissism)

Slice of Life Tour

The album launch performance by pop trio Slit Face Girls at Hollywood Lagoon Stage goes awry and ends up in a bloody affair.

Ride the Movies Till Late

Selected rides will be open till late on events nights. Take a break from the scares, and hop on for thrills on rides such as TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Revenge Of The Mummy®, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN®, Battlestar Galactica: CYLON® and many more!

HHN7 Trailer


Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
Date: 29 September to 29 October 2017 (14 selected nights only)
Time: Starts 7.30pm
Price: standard ticket on event nights at S$68

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