Halloween Horror Nights 6 by the numbers

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 6 is the biggest to date with the most haunted houses and event nights. Here are some cool figures related to this year’s event.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 6 numbers

Halloween Horror Nights 6 facts and figures

16 record number of event nights

Compared to last year’s 14 nights, we have 16 nights of spooky adventures at HHN6. This makes the Frequent Fear Pass ($148) a great deal as you’re only paying $9.25 per visit if you come each night.

Bodies of Work HHN6

5 record number of haunted houses

We have an extra haunted house compared to HHN5 and HHN4. What’s more, we’re exploring new spaces for the houses, for example, Hu Li’s Inn is located behind Ancient Egypt. [Find out more about the true stories some of our haunted houses are based on.]

Old Changi Hospital facade

2 scare zones: Suicide Forest, March of the Dead

Don’t get lost when you’re in Suicide Forest in the Lost World zone or else the restless spirits will ask you to keep them company.

March of the Dead in the New York zone features multi-coloured decor and scare-actors inspired by the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead.

If you need a break from all the horror, you can find the safe zones at Hollywood and Sci-Fi City.

Suicide Forest HHN6 entrance

2 shows: March of the Dead: The Resurrection and Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus

Catch March of the Dead: The Resurrection at New York zone three times a night. The show is the bookend to the Death March–the first theatrical procession at USS HHN.

In Pantages Theater, Jack the Clown is back to audition for more victims at Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus. If it’s anything like his filled-out show in HHN4, you’ll find special acts and daredevils in the show.

Dynamite at Jack's Recurring Nightmare circus HHN6

49 creepy characters in the first-ever theatrical procession March of the Dead

The 30-minute procession starts at Ancient Egypt, passing Lost World before stopping at New York zone for The Resurrection.

Death March Halloween Horror Nights 6

400 scare-actors from across 15 countries

From vengeful witches to hungry flesh-eaters to seductive shape shifters, the scare-actors add life to the event.

Tips for the easily spooked, the braver you pretend to be, the less likely the scare-actors will terrorise you. Note: Please do not touch the scare-actors. They will not touch you.


120 make-up artists

Our make-up artists have only two hours to get 400 scare actors ready each night. Some require just makeup while others wear prosthetic masks. Ten gallons (37.9 litre) of “blood” is used for the whole event.

Behind the Screams tour Halloween Horror Nights 6 makeup

4 metre-tall puppet in March of the Dead

Watch out for the skeletal puppet during the march.

1600 gallons of mist to create a haunting atmosphere

We’ll be using 6057 litre of mist during the event to mimic fog and smoke. Watch your steps as some houses have staircases or have mist so thick you can’t see anything in front of you.

415 pyrotechnics launched every night

Don’t miss the Opening Scaremony which opens with a bang and lots of fireworks.

330 different types of lights to set the mood

The creepiness of the houses and zones are enhanced using different type of lights (or lack of, in some cases).

Suicide Forest HHN6 swing


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