Details from HHN6 haunted houses you might have missed

We locked up our fears, brandished our cameras, and fought monsters and demons – to bring you the fright-lights of all 5 haunted houses at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 6.

This post contains spoilers. Skip it if you plan to visit on your own.

Haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights 6

Old Changi Hospital

What is it: Abandoned hospital, based on the real Old Changi Hospital – supposedly the most haunted spot in Singapore
Where: Between Lost World and Ancient Egypt
Resident spooks: Doctors, nurses, patients, Japanese soldiers from WWII
Special mention: Has the only ‘cool room’ in HHN6–the morgue is blood-chillingly cold

Old Changi Hospital facade

The Woman in Red, one of the legends surrounding Old Changi Hospital.
When you wait, and wait, and wait for your turn…
The doctor is ready to see you.
Please don’t roam the corridors at night…
“I’m sorry, visiting hours are over.”
Didn’t mum always tell you to clean up after yourself.
Spirits of Japanese soldiers linger in this former prison camp.

If you’ve escaped Old Changi Hospital, there are more houses to visit.

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Salem Witch House

What is it: Two-storey townhouse possessed by the DeFeo witches
Where: Enter from New York Public Library
Resident spooks: Witches, villagers from 1692 and demons
Special mentions: Has a beautiful white room known as the Witches’ Realm; and an animatronic that comes at you from behind.

This is Maison Deux-Six, the house of DeFeo Witches, which couldn’t be burnt down despite the efforts of the villagers of Salem in 1692…
Salem Witch House
Time stayed still in the house.
Dinner is served.
Guess one way to pass time is to read.
This amateur witch accidentally summoned the DeFeo witches, and was rewarded by becoming their slave.
As the only DeFeo witch to be executed, Elizabeth is not pleased.
The Witches’ Realm, where the witches were hiding, is the prettiest room in the whole event, according to us.
Head witch Augusta DeFeo meets you at the end.

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Hu Li’s Inn

What is it: A cabaret in 1930s Shanghai, but is actually a den for shapeshifters
Where: Between Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride and Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON
Resident spooks: Folklore spirits (Fox, White Snake, Green Snake, Bone, Spider), and their victims
Special mentions: The ‘smallest’ house this year but the winding paths create the illusion of a very long journey.

Like all good horror stories, the entrance is through the side alleyway.
Is he a bouncer, or a victim?
Hey, it’s the star performer of the inn. But wait, are those fox ears?
The more eyes to see you with, my dear.
Oops, did you lose an eye or two?
The ‘pretty’ Sssnake Ssspirit.
The Bone Spirit.
Get a firm grip on the bridge.
Hu Li wants to know if you’d like to join her for dinner.

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Hawker Centre Massacre

What is it: A hawker centre affected by radioactive poisoning
Where: Enter from path between Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and The Brown Derby
Resident spooks: Flesh-eaters poisoned by radioactive fish and their victims
Special mentions: A vomiting ‘man’ complete with smell and sounds; a runaway lorry just when you are about to leave.

Hawker Centre Massacre HHN6
Lesson learnt: If you want to sabotage your rivals, don’t use radioactive fish.
Hawker Centre Massacre HHN6
Not very helpful people, aren’t we.
Hawker Centre Massacre HHN6
Ground zero: radioactive fish stall.
Hawker Centre Massacre HHN6
Hold your noses, vomit man is here. Not him, the other one on the right.
Remember to stop and smell the roses.
Hawker Centre Massacre HHN6
‘Push here’. All these red buttons aren’t suspicious at all. It’s not like they will sabotage people in front, right?

Just when you’re about to leave, there’s one last scare at the end. We’ll keep it a surprise for you.

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Bodies of Work

What is it: An art gallery, with human body parts on display
Where: Enter from WaterWorld entrance
Resident spooks: The artist Damien Shipman, killer clowns, and victims (art) with a mishmash of body parts
Special mention: A functioning carousel near the end

Bodies of Work HHN6
Artist accidentally BBQed family. Artist feels guilty. Artist starts an exhibition to recreate happier times. Artist recruits ‘volunteers’. Sounds legit.
Bodies of Work HHN6
Our prayers are with them. And you.
Bodies of Work HHN6
This is the mild part.
Bodies of Work HHN6
She’s still alive, the bottom half is gone.
Bodies of Work HHN6
Hit the pinata, just like at his son’s birthday party.
Bodies of Work HHN6
Up for ballet, just like his daughter?
Bodies of Work HHN6
Still as pretty as you were on your wedding, honey.
Bodies of Work HHN6
Watch your footing on the carousel. It actually spins.
Bodies of Work HHN6
Here, you can thank Damien Shipman himself.

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Were there details from the haunted houses at HHN6 that you missed? Let us know which it is in the comments.

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