USS Halloween Horror Nights 6 survival guide

For many, planning for visits to Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 6 is like a military expedition. You need to know the terrain (zones and houses) and enemies (scare-actors) well so you can strategize your trip.

Whether you’re a season HHN visitor or a first timer, here are some tips for you to maximise your visit at HHN 6.

We don’t want to spoil the event for everyone. So if you really want spoilers, highlight the hidden parts between *SPOILER* and *END SPOILER* to read them.

Try it now: *SPOILER* This is the example. Awesome!*END SPOILER*

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Preparing for HHN6

During HHN6

Post HHN6

Preparing for HHN6

What to bring in your HHN6 survival kit

Do not leave home without your HHN6 ticket/ Frequent Fear Pass or Express Pass. Get your tickets in advance in case the event sells out. Express passes are dynamically priced so get them early.

If you’re part of the selfie generation, your phone and your powerbank are the second most-important things to bring. With your phone, you can call your comrades to find out where they are and also play Pokemon GO while you’re waiting in line. [Pikachu appears in USS frequently.]

HHN6 frequent fear pass
Halloween Horror Nights 6 Frequent Fear Pass

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothes that will keep you cool. Hot and humid Singapore nights are expected during the event.

Do not wear costumes or masks. You don’t want to be mistaken for another scare-actor so leave the costumes at home or you won’t be allowed entry at the gates.

Halloween Horror Nights 6 March of the Dead
One of the horrors at March of the Death scare zone.

During HHN6

What’s the Opening Scaremony?

It’s is the opening show each event night.

The best location is right in front there’s a giant projector in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard where you can catch the action if you can’t reach as early.

The gates open around 7pm though the event starts at 7:30pm. For this year’s opening ceremony, there is a DJ who will be playing music. *SPOILER* Don’t get too attached to him as Lady Death will take over.

Icons from the house and shows this year will appear: Damien Shipman from Bodies of Work, Hu Li from Hu Li’s Inn, Jack the Clown, Augusta DeFeo from Salem Witch House.*END SPOILER*

*ULTIMATE SPOILER*Blogger Dejiki has a video from the technical rehearsal.*END SPOILER*

Bodies of Work HHN6
Meet her at Bodies of Work.

In what order should I visit the houses?

All the houses have their merits. Here’s this writer’s suggested route based on the proximity of the houses:
Bodies of Work -> Suicide Forest (scare zone) -> Old Changi Hospital -> Hu Li’s Inn -> March of the Dead (scare zone) -> Salem Witch House -> Hawker Centre 

Bodies of Works at WaterWorld
The half-burnt studio of artist Damien Shipmen. His family died in a tragic fire–accidentally caused by Damien–and he wishes to memorialise them in his last exhibition. He recreates his family members’ favourite memories in special rooms.
*SPOILER* There is a full-sized carousel at the end of the house where you can meet Damien face-to-face. *END SPOILER*

Old Changi Hospital at Lost World
A must-visit. Based on a real location in Singapore, the 2-storey haunted house features an operation theatre, sick wards, a morgue and more.
*SPOILER* There is a scare actor in one of the morgue chillers.*END SPOILER*

Hu Li’s Inn
at Ancient Egypt
The most compact of all the houses but the twisting paths and halls of mirror make it seem other wise. The replication of a 1930s cabaret club in Shanghai feels authentic but instead of cabaret girls, we have shapeshifters who are out to literally steal hearts.
*SPOILER* Have a firm grip when you’re crossing the bridge. *END SPOILER*

Salem Witch House
at New York
Two-storey house with an impressive facade, recreating a 1690s Puritan House. You’ll find witches, tortured witch craft enthusiasts and demonic entities here.
*SPOILER*There is a gorgeous room which transports you to a different dimension.*END SPOILER*

Hawker Centre Massacre
at New York
A true-to-life replica of a neighbourhood hawker centre. You’ll be winding through the food stalls and shops while poisoned patrons and vendors call for help.
*SPOILER* Look out for the red sabotage buttons. Press them if you wish to “sabo” those in front of you. *END SPOILER*


PS During your visit, check the queue waiting times to make your final decision. If you want express access to the houses in a shorter queue, check out the Express Pass.


What about the scare zones?

Since there are no queues for scare zones, you can drop by them any time you wish.

True to its namesake, the winding paths at Suicide Forest scare zone can be confusing to whoever visits the grounds. There’s a train tunnel in the middle of the Forest, go on in and see where you come out.

The horrors at March of the Dead scare zone in New York are as beautiful as they are eerie. Inspired by the Mexican March of the Dead, you’ll find skeletons and altars here.

March of the Dead scare zone at HHN6
March of the Dead scare zone

Any special shows this year?

Yes, there are two shows this year.

Each night, there are three Death March processions starting from Ancient Egypt and ending at New York. Don’t miss this as it’s USS HHN’s first theatrical procession. The 30-minute procession ends with a show at New York.

Jack the Clown returns to Pantages Theater to audition killer acts for his circus. His shows back in HHN4 were all full-house so you might want to queue earlier so you don’t miss him.

Jack the Clown is back at HHN6

What are the rides that are open this year?

Here are the rides you can take during HHN6: Revenge of the Mummy, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN and CYLON, Accelerator, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Enchanted Airways, Scared Shrekless, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey and Canopy Flyer.

Universal Studios Singapore at Night

I’d like to leave HHN but come back afterwards, what can I do?

Get a hand stamp at the exit turnstile. Afterwards you can show your your event admission ticket and hand stamp for re-entry.

How can I get home?

Taxi: The taxi queue is in the basement of the Resort, outside the Forum.

Public bus to VivoCity: The last RWS8 shuttle leaves the Resort at 11.45pm. Drop you off at VivoCity where you can catch other buses.

Public buses from the Resort:

188R (to Choa Chu Kang Int) and 963R (to Woodlands Temp Int) run on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays. Last bus from RWS leaves at 11.30pm.

NR1 (to Yishun Ring Road) and NR6 (to Anchorvale Drive) start at 11.30pm and ends at 2am.

I’m leaving HHN6 after midnight, can I still find food at the Resort?

Sure, we have two 24-hour fast food outlets at The Forum basement: McDonald’s and Texas Chicken. ToastBox closes at 2am so you can still grab some food after the event.

Hu Li awaits you at Hu Li's Inn.
Hu Li will be here waiting when you come back.


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Survival guide for Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studios Singapore
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