Halloween Horror Nights 5 guide, part 2: Scare zone

Besides the four haunted houses at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 5 (HHN5), you can get your doze of fright at the three scare zones.

Scare zones are not called that for nothing. Unlike haunted houses which are contained areas, scare zones are more “free range” which means that you’ll have to be on your guard as the scares can come from all directions, especially from behind.

The scare zones

To prepare you for your journey, we round up some of the scariest characters from the three zones that you should watch out for:

Halloween Horror Nights 5 strategy

The Invaders

A gargantuan extra-terrestrial race called the Horde is using the cover of the eclipse to invade Earth. These sightless, ruthless monsters have opened a Portal to swamp our cities, and will stop at nothing until our planet has been laid to waste.


The Invaders scare zone in New York feels less scary than the other two zones because of the wider open space. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that you’re safe.

Here, you will meet The Horde. Aliens from space come to conquer earth for its minerals. These beings are two-legged and four-legged giants that are up to 2.7 metres tall.

Their powers? Magnetic force fields and aggressive vines that can crush all resistance.

Here’s what you need to know: the taller ones move slower and you need to watch out for those with springy legs.

HHN5 The Invaders
The leader of The Horde: Watch out for this guy’s vines. It’s the tallest among The Horde at 2.7 metres.
HHN5 The Invaders scare zone
The one with springy feet: Each of its steps is a leap. Don’t try to outrun it.
HHN5 The Invaders scare zone
The four-legged Horde: It might look scary but its four legs make its movement slower than its two-legged compatriots. Still, it would hurt more being trampled over by four feet than by two.
HHN5 The Invaders scare zone
The Help: One of the humans in the area. The humans are not there to scare you but their shouts for you to leave the area ASAP are quite frightening.

Remember to check out the schedule for the show at The Invaders. You’ll witness a rescue mission gone wrong. Participate in the show by taking your phone out to shine it on The Horde to stun them.

Catch the show at The Invaders scare zone.
Catch the show at The Invaders scare zone.

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A secret colony code-named Sector #5 was set up by the government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. Left to fend for themselves, they have developed a bloodlust for their oppressors, which the Blood Moon is stoking to a fever pitch.

In conTERMINATED scare zone in New York, you’ll visit an abandoned colony where the residents are mutants contaminated by nuclear waste.

The atmosphere is creepy and the litter scattered all over the place will make the obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) sufferer in your group go mad. You’re warned.


HHN5 conTERMINATED scare zone
The Butcher: He’s not your regular butcher from the wet market. With only the residents of conTERMINATED as his meat supply, you probably don’t want to buy meat from this dude.
HHN5 conTERMINATED scare zone
The obese man: This nightmare lies on the ground with his stomach heaving. We’re not quite sure if he’ll leap up and feast on us. (We’ve been told that it looks like The Boomer from Left 4 Dead. Do you see the resemblance?)
HHN5 conTERMINATED scare zone
The Saw Man: Before the end of conTERMINATED, you’ll hear the chainsaw roar from this character. His chainsaw can cut through bones so don’t mess with him. Although he might look scary, but he’s quite accommodating when it comes to photos.

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Hungry Ghost

The Blood Moon has wreaked havoc on the Lunar Calendar! In this forsaken village it is eternally the Seventh Month, and villagers perform rituals of the Hungry Ghost Festival every night. Are they apparitions, or have you have “crossed over” without realising it?

Due to the spooky atmosphere (lots of dry ice), many say this is the scariest scare zone. The zone features many tombstone and remainders of the Hungry Ghost Festival offerings.

In any case, you’ll need to pass here before you can enter Hell House. Try to stick to your friends because it gets really foggy here and it’s easy to get separated.

HHN5 Hungry Ghost scare zone
Jiang Shi: The Chinese undead can only move by jumping up and down. Based on knowledge from old-school Hong Kong movies, hold your breath so it can’t detect you.
HHN5 Hungry Ghost scare zone
Guy literally stabbed in the back: You think office politics is bad? Wait till you see this guy. He was stabbed in the back with an axe!
HHN5 Hungry Ghost scare zone
The Lady in Red: She waits by her grave and her spirit lingers even after her suicide. Even after her death, she is looking for revenge on her unfaithful husband.

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B.C. Beast Club (Ancient Egypt)

Enjoy deathly cold beverages and frighteningly good entertainment all night long at the Beast Club, where misfits, beasts and monsters hang out. It’s going to be an experience that’s literally out of this world.


More a “party zone” than a scare zone, B.C. Beast Club at Ancient Egypt offers cold drinks and a rest from the scares. Here, you’ll see beast-headed creatures who only want a good time.

Check out the schedule for the show. You can dance with the characters before watching a dance-off between humans and beast-headed creatures.

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Let us know which is your favourite scare zone and character.

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