Halloween Horror Nights 5 guide, part 1: Haunted houses

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 5 guide

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5 opened on October 2. Were you among the crowds experiencing the debut of the show? Or are you one of the people waiting to go in the later weeks so you can learn all about the spoilers before you venture out to HHN5?

In this HHN5 guide, we tell you what to look out for in the haunted houses. If you don’t like spoilers, we’ve marked and hidden them. Here’s part 2 which covers the scare zones.

We don’t want to spoil the event for everyone. So if you really want spoilers, highlight the hidden parts between *SPOILER* and *END SPOILER* to read them.

Try it now: *SPOILER* This is the example. Awesome!*END SPOILER*

Please note that not all of the scares listed in the post might be active during your visit.

A breakdown of this HHN5 guide:

Haunted house

RWScoop’s suggested route for HHN5

Halloween Horror Nights 5 strategy

Opening Scaremony

The early bird gets the worm. In the case of HHN5, the early victims get to see the Opening Scaremony. The opening show for HHN starts around 7:30pm and is held at Hollywood.

The blood moon has descended. The horrors are out in full force. Halloween Horror Nights 5 has begun! #hhn5

Posted by Resorts World at Sentosa on Friday, 2 October 2015

Here’s the tricky part. This year’s Opening Scaremony takes place in different parts of Hollywood. The good news is, you’ll get to see parts of the show up close no matter if you’re at the front, middle or back of Hollywood.

The bad news is, you’ll need to crane your neck to see the other parts of the show clearly, though you can still get a glimpse of most of it. (Psst, the middle part of the boulevard is the best part to get a view of the most of the action.)

Watch the Supermoon transform into the Blood Moon, bringing the supernatural beings to life.

When the Opening Scaremony ends, the barriers to the zones will be taken down. Now’s your chance to hit the houses as fast as you can.

Remember, you can come back here later to take photos with the different characters from the four haunted houses. They are:

Halloween Horror Nights 5 opening scaremony

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Spoilers for HHN5 Haunted Houses

Before we continue, we’d like you to know that the following content contains a lot of spoilers for the four haunted houses. We’ve hidden the spoilers so that you can only read it when you highlight the hidden parts between *SPOILER* and *END SPOILER* to read them.

Try it now: *SPOILER* This is the example.*END SPOILER*

Let’s go!

TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT

An underground train station built at a Malay burial site is torn asunder as a curse is fulfilled by the rise of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks now stalk for victims, as the tracks lead you back in time, to the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen.

Entrance to TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT is at WaterWorld. The fastest way to get here from Hollywood is to walk through Madagascar and Far Far Away zones (go left from the Blood Moon). These two areas are not part of Halloween Horror Nights so you shall be safe from spooks along the way.

Once you’re in WaterWorld, prepare for your visit to TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT. The story is that the rise of the Blood Moon has caused Tok Naga Arang to rise from his grave. The bomoh (witch doctor) was murdered in his sleep and he vows revenge on the descendants of his murderers.

The journey starts with you walking into one of the TRUE Singapore Ghost Story books into an MRT station.

You won’t need you EZ-Link card to board this train since the station has crumbled from the curse. Watch out for evil spirits who warn you to leave the train. As the brave soul that you are, you march on. (Seriously, you can’t turn back or people behind will hate you.)


You’ll walk on train tracks before you are transported back in time to a kampong. *SPOILER* Before turning into the hut, watch out for the Toyol hiding among the banana plants.*END SPOILER*

Inside the house, you’ll catch a seance with Tok Naga Arang and his henchmen. Some people mistake this as the dance floor and started dancing with the scare actors. (Actually, that was me.) Do not embarrass yourself…

Tok Naga Arang performing his seance. Halloween Horror Nights 5
Tok Naga Arang performing his seance.

Walk through the house where you’ll see preserved body parts (perhaps for Tok Naga Arang’s cooking?) and skulls. At the end of the hut, the body and head of Tok Naga Arang is on display by his cruel murderers.

Once you walk out of the house, notice that the ground and walls have changed texture. Look up and you’ll see a track hoe (excavator) digging into what seems to be an old Malay cemetery.  As you walk, there will be a point where you feel that the floor is squishy. *SPOILER* Look down and you will see maggots. Yucks.*END SPOILER*


*SPOILER* After walking through the crypt where dead bodies will try to grab at you,*END SPOILER* you’ll be transported into a broken-down train carriage. *SPOILER* There is a wind tunnel so hold on to your skirts or hats or hair! *END SPOILER* The ghosts want to know if you are the murderer of Tok Naga Arang and will demand an answer. Deny everything and just walk on.

Push past pages of TRUE Singapore Ghost Story to exit. Congratulations, you have survived TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT.

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Hell House

Make yourself at home. But be warned: the Blood Moon has awakened the Paper Servants of the Effigy House and you will soon be feeling the heat, because everything here is made to be burnt!

Whether you like it or not, you will need to walk through the Hungry Ghost scare zone to reach Hell House. The scare zone is located at Lost World and the entrance is opposite Discovery Food Court.


Despite what lies within, you should stop and admire Hell House for its psychedelic colours and details.

*SPOILER* Watch out for the Paper Servant in the boot of the car.*END SPOILER* Find the bucket of Hell Notes and bring them with you to bribe the dead. Walk into the house to start your journey.

The Hell House is actually a pretty nice mansion if everything weren’t made of paper. The reception room has cool paper offerings. Please don’t touch the paper offerings on the table, you don’t want to end up cursed.

Hell House Halloween Horror Nights 5

Push your way through the supersized talismans into the next rooms. *SPOILER* The lady with white hair doesn’t really want you in her boudoir. Please have some decency and leave her room as fast as possible. The room next door is the bathroom and skulls bob in the water.*END SPOILER*

At one point, look up the ceiling and you’ll find people crying over you and throwing in paper money. Oops, you just realised that you’re a spirit and people are mourning over you.

The further you walk into the house, the more you realise that you’re actually walking inside an effigy house that is being burnt. The walls start to gain an ash colour and start to crumble. You’ll walk into a room with life-sized effigies including a bicycle.

Passing by the incinerator cinder room, you’ll feel the heat from the fire. *SPOILER* Don’t worry, it’s not actual fire. *END SPOILER* Walk straight on!

Scare actors won't touch you but these hands would.
Scare actors won’t touch you but these hands would.

*SPOILER* In the next rooms, there are “bodies” hanging from the ceiling . Further down, there will be hands poking out of the charred walls. Give them High Fives while you continue your journey. *END SPOILER*

Once you feel the air getting cooler, you’re near the exit. At the exit, there is a *SPOILER*hell official*END SPOILER* who will either let you incarnate as human or worm. Wish you the best of luck in the next life!

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Tunnel People

Dwelling in the darkness of subterranean passageways, the Tunnel People have been biding their time for the rise of the Blood Moon. As you feel your way into their forbidding domain, what horrors await, and will you be able to see them?

To reach Tunnel People haunted house, you’ll need to go from the entrance next to New York Public Library which is in The Invaders scare zone.

The Tunnel People haunted house is the first dark house for Universal Studios Singapore’s HHN events. Tunnel People is home to a 200-year-old apocalyptic cult who believes that the rise of the blood moon will bring salvation.

Tunnel People entrance Halloween Horror Nights 5
Tunnel People entrance

Tunnel People is also home to HHN5’s tallest scare actor (1.9 metres) who plays Silas the leader of the cult. The tiniest scare actor is also here. She plays the role of the rat keeper and 1.4-metre tall.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tunnel People haunted house is that it’s dark and it smells. Just like how sewers smell. Guess where you are headed…

There are two entrances to the crypt of the Tunnel People.  A member of the Tunnel People cult will guide you to either one of the tunnels *SPOILER* and promptly disappear*END SPOILER*. You’ll need to feel your way inside since it’s quite dark.

The walls have different textures. Some will feel like a wet, mossy wall *SPOILER*while some will feel like a wall of rats. *END SPOILER*

Runes in Tunnel People

As you walk inside the tunnels, there are points where the ceiling opens up to a hole, look up and you will see the big red Blood Moon. In a room, there are runes that glow in the dark. These runes can be read if you know the language. Try to spot the shape of a rat among the runes.

Silas, the clan leader of Tunnel People.
Silas, the clan leader of Tunnel People.

At the end of the journey, you will see clocked figures *SPOILER*some will try to scare you *SPOILER* and Silas the clan leader. *SPOILER* On the left, there is a mechanised spooky figure which will fly up and drop down. *END SPOILER*

After leaving the tunnels, if you don’t have enough of the sights and smells, consider trying for the other entrance – but you’ll have to rejoin the queue.

Tunnel People Halloween Horror Nights 5

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Siloso Gateway Block 50

The HHN-5 virus is turning residents of a HDB block into rampaging, flesh-eating zombies! Emergency Services has been brought in to contain the situation, but it may all be in vain! Can you find your way out through the carnage, as heartland turns into hell?

According to many guests, this is one of the most acclaimed houses for HHN5. The entrance to Siloso Gateway 50 is between The Brown Derby and Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase in Hollywood zone.

The story of Siloso Gateway 50 goes this way. You find yourself at Siloso Gateway Block 50 where the residents have been infected by the HHN-5 virus in their drinking water. You’ll meet Special Tactics and Rescue team agents, zombies and decontamination personnel as you try to escape being one of the infected.

For those with electronic gadgets, this is a good time to keep them away. There will be rain (water effects) here.

Once you’re inside, take in the beauty of the HDB block in front of you. At 8.5 metres, this is the tallest facade built for Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Singapore. It’s even taller than the Hell House over in Lost World this year. The design team visited Mediacorp’s set to study how to design the houses.

In this HDB block, you will be visiting the homes of four familes, each of a different race. Take your time and smell the roses when you’re in the rooms because some are scented.


If you’re afraid of jump-scares, be warned. This haunted house has the most scareactors among all the houses with 46 ghouls waiting to give you the fright of your life. Are you ready to head in?

As the rain falls from the skies, hurry and walk into the void deck of the HDB block. *SPOILERS*A scareactor might pop out from the mailbox. *SPOILERS*

Walk into the playground, a Special Tactics and Rescue team agent will urge you to move fast since the whole block has been contaminated. *SPOILERS* The Summon Aunty will ask you to pay your summons. *END SPOILER*

When you enter the little tuckshop, the television will play a newsclip of the viral infection. *SPOILER*A little kid pops out and asks you to help find his family.*END SPOILER* *SPOILERS*If you’re lucky, the lifts after the tuckshop might work and you can try to escape by jumping into one.*SPOILERS*

The corridors of the HDB are realistic, do take time to notice items such as slippers and shoe cabinets.

Siloso Gateway Block 50 Halloween Horror Nights 5

The first house is the home of a Malay family. There are barbwires across to stop the zombies from lunging through.

If you smell something in this house and the next, don’t worry, it’s not your mind playing tricks on you. The design team deliberately scented the houses for a more authentic experience.

Move fast to the next door neighbour’s house. In this Indian home, the scene of jasmine lingers. *SPOILER*Be careful of the homeowner who hangs out at her living room. She will jump up from time to time to feed on you. *END SPOILER*

Run through the corridor and into the Eurasian house. The little mini bar at the side of the room is a nice touch. *SPOILER*An infected resident chained to the wall will lunge at you. Good thing is, there’s an agent from the Special Tactics and Rescue team who will shoot the zombie so you can pass. *END SPOILER*

Head into the last house, the Chinese house. On the left wall, you will see a family portrait. This is an actual family who auditioned to become scare actors. The whole family plays characters in this room. If you’re lucky, you might see them during your visit.

As people say, a family that scares together, stays together.

Siloso Gateway Block 50 Halloween Horror Nights 5

In the Chinese home, you will see an abandoned mahjong session where an infected resident feasts on the dead.

Go through the kitchen. *SPOILER*Many infected residents will be there for you, including one who’s hiding in the toilet. *END SPOILER*

Once you see light at the end of the tunnel, you can calm down now. The decontamination unit will spray you with disinfectant before you can leave.

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RWScoop’s suggested route for HHN5

Halloween Horror Nights 5 strategy

Based on the popularity and locations of the Haunted Houses, here’s a suggested route to conquer all houses, followed by the scare zones:

TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT -> (through Hungry Ghost) Hell House-> Tunnel People -> Siloso Gateway 50 -> ConTERMINATED -> The Invaders

Head to TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT

  • Right after Scaremony ends, turn left and speedwalk through Madagascar and Far Far Away. TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT is the first house on this route.
  • Head into Water World where TRUE Singapore Ghost Story: The MRT lies.

Go to Hell House through Hungry Ghost zone

  • After your trippy time travelling journey, head out and turn left into Hungry Ghost zone.
  • This long walk will bring you through the village where’s everyone doomed to perform the Chinese seventh month rituals every single day.
  • At the end, you will reach Hell House.

Head to Tunnel People, skipping The Invaders

  • After Hell House, walk through Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City zones.
  • The entrance to Tunnel People is next to New York Public Library. You’ll meet a few aliens in The Invaders scare zone, leave them for later.

Last house: Siloso Gateway 50

  • After your experience in the tunnels, turn left and walk through The Invaders zone to Siloso Gateway Block 50.

Finish the remaining Scare Zones

  • After Siloso Gateway Block 50, walk across the street to conTERMINATED scare zone.
  • After conTERMINATED, turn right and finish The Invaders zone.

Congratulations! You’ve finished all four haunted houses and three scare zones.

If you don’t like to chiong, get the Express Pass

If you’re coming to HHN5 slightly later, you can still hit all the houses by getting the Express Pass. There is a special queue for Express Pass holders to experience the house faster than the regular queue.

The Express Pass is available from S$50. You will still need an entrance ticket to HHN5.

Halloween Horror Nights 5 Early Bird ticket

Even better, get the R.I.P. Tour

If you’re already thinking about getting the Express Pass, we recommend signing up for the R.I.P. Tour. The S$198 gives you VIP treatment and the many benefits include having

  • a reserved space to watch the Opening Scaremony;
  • an R.I.P. guide who will bring you on a tour and tell you the background stories of the houses and zones;
  • super express entrance (ahead of Express Pass holders) to the houses, zones and even rides;
  • an unlimited Express Pass which lets you visit all houses, zones and rides as many times as you want at the end of the tour.

Find out more about the R.I.P. Tour in our review of the HHN4 tour.


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