Characters of Halloween Horror Nights 5

On October 2 at 7pm, the doors to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5 (HHN5) open, leading you on a terrifying journey.

Before then, we have a meet and greet with some of the characters who will be haunting HHN5. Come, they are dying to meet you.


Do you know the Ox-Head and Horse-Face from the Chinese legends? Meet their relatives–half-human, half-beasts–who roam HHN5 looking for victims to bring to the underworld.

Where? Beast Club at Ancient Egypt

Halloween Horror Nights 5 characters

The Queen Beast awaits you.

Vengeful Ghosts

Spirits of women who committed suicide while wearing red dresses. Said to appear with long, unkempt hair. They are scary because, err, long hair is pretty creepy. Or maybe it’s just the bleeding eyes.

Where? Hungry Ghost scare zone in the Lost World

Halloween Horror Nights 5 characters
She stopped crying when tears were replaced by blood.


Think less Wolverine. More Chernobyl. Survivors from an abandoned biological initiative that left them deformed, crippled and condemned to a life of barbaric savagery, these guys are angry and are coming for you, because they want to eat you.

Where? conTERMINATED scare zone in New York

Halloween Horror Nights 5 characters
A mother’s love never dies.


Aliens from space come to conquer earth for its minerals. These aggressive two and four-legged giants, with heights of up to 2.7 metres, use their magnetic force fields and aggressive vines to crush all resistance, including you.

Still, we think the Horde should have gone to another planet – after all we are already draining earth quickly enough.

Where? The Invaders scare zone in New York

Halloween Horror Nights 5 characters
The tallest of The Horde can reach 9 feet tall.

Meet these characters and more in person at Halloween Horror Nights 5.

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