[Spoiler] Tips for Halloween Horror Nights 4

Halloween Horrors Nights 4 kicked off on 3 October 2014 to thousands of screaming, wailing horror-loving guests. Some came knowing what to expect; others made the mistake of thinking they won’t be spooked.

We were there. We saw what you missed. And what you wished you can ‘unsee’.

Here are tips on how to survive and thrive at Halloween Horror Nights 4. Be warned. There will be spoilers ahead. You can’t ‘unsee’ them. Read on if you dare.

HHN4 entrance

Still with us? Good. Here are the spoilers and tips for the specific Haunted Houses and Scare Zones.

When you’re done with them, you can check out the suggested route for HHN4.

Haunted Houses at HHN4

Scare Zone

Suggested route for HHN4

Other shows

  • Opening Scaremony
  • Jack’s Nightmare Circus
  • New York: The Exorcism

Details are correct at time of publication.

Spoilers and tips for Haunted Houses

The L.A.B

  • Entrance to The L.A.B is not the usual entrance to WaterWorld. You can only access The L.A.B after walking through Scary Tales.
  • The first alien to greet you is the Sexy Scientist. Walk past her into the tunnel. Beware of the steps.
  • At the entrance of one of the rooms, there is a jerking “body”. Some people get stalled here. You are going to have to touch the body to get past so might as well get it over and done with. After all, it’s just the first body of many to come.
  • At one point, there is a man and an alien in the room. The man gets thrown onto the wall by the alien but he’ll try to save you, shouting for you to get out quickly.
  • Depending on their moods, the two aliens a sunken ring will either be having a boxing match or trying to scare you.
  • After The L.A.B., there is a small house with demo PlayStation games. I suggest you come back only after going through all houses.

Mati Camp

  • If the demon Sergeant Major tries to stop you from entering, you can take the small flight of steps on the left near the wounded man on the ground.
    Halloween Horror Nights 4 Mati Camp strategy
  • The photos at the entrance of the building actually change when you look at them from different angles.
    Halloween Horror Nights 4 Mati Camp secret
  • The guns in the artillery room will rattle. Be careful.
    Halloween Horror Nights 4 Mati Camp
  • On the second floor landing, a Free Hug machine is available. (Kidding! Don’t try to hug that thing.)
    Halloween Horror Nights 4 Mati Camp

Jing’s Revenge


  • Spot how many Jing apparitions there are. (I counted 3!)
  • The Science Lab has a constantly crashing cupboard.
  • Beware of bursting water balloons in the PE supplies room where a bully taunts you.
  • The school toilet is what I feel is the scariest part of the school. The toilets are dirty (lots of poo), you get sprayed with water and there’s something that reaches out for you from above.

Jack’s 3-Dementia


  • The bridge at the Vortex Tunnel is not moving – it’s all an optical illusion. If you feel like you are falling, grab the railings and move (stumble) forward.
  • If you’re getting too dizzy, remove your 3-D glasses to cut down the effects.
  • There is a “flight of stairs” at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry about tripping, it’s another optical illusion.

Tips for Scare Zones

Demoncracy + show


  • Check the timings for the show at Demoncracy Scare Zone. Come 10 minutes earlier and to get front row view.
  • Look up to see skeleton acrobats.
  • Stick to the right side of the crowd (the side next to Loui’s Pizza Parlor) so you can rush to Jing’s Revenge as soon as the show ends.


  • With a queue time and staggered entry, think of the Bogeyman Scare Zone as another Haunted House. It’s that awesome.
  • Beware of cupboards.

Canyon of the Cursed

  • The Sheriff and the Madame walk on stilts.

Scary Tales

  • When she’s in the mood, the Evil Queen will guide you to her snarky magic mirror. The time I went, the magic mirror commented on my horrendous fashion sense. Burn!
  • Look up at the tower and you will see the balding Rapunzel who used all of her hair to wrap around the tower and two victims.

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Other shows during HHN4

Opening Scaremony

HHN4 opening scaremony

Even though HHN4 starts at 7:30pm proper, the gates open around 7:00pm. Queue up early so you can rush for front row spots for the Opening Scaremony at the end of Hollywood Boulevard.

There’s a group of angry protestors protesting the reign of Jonah Goodwill aka The Minister of Evil. When the TV reporter arrives with her camera crew, you know the show’s about to start.

Shortly, the Minister will arrive. He will give a speech which is interrupted by protesters. The Minister is shot and will come back to life in his demon form. The Minister will set two men on fire. Don’t stand too close!

Then the Minister will soar into the air. If you want to hit all the Haunted Houses, turn left (it’s less crowded) and head towards Mati Camp via Madagascar and Far Far Away.

 Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Acrobat at Jack's Nightmare Circus at Halloween Horror Nights 4

  • Check out the night’s timings for Jack’s Nightmare Circus so you don’t miss this show. We have extra shows at 2015, 2200, 2345 and 0115.
    • Jack Nightmare Circus timing
      Jack’s Nightmare Circus timing
  • The show is kind of raunchy! Viewer discrestion is advised.
  • If you sit in the front, be careful of flying pieces of fruit (and booger).

RWScoop’s suggested route for HHN4

Based on the popularity and locations of the Haunted Houses, here’s a suggested route to conquer all Houses, followed by the Scare Zones:

Mati Camp -> (through Scary Tales) The L.A.B-> Jack’s 3-Dementia -> Jing’s Revenge -> New York -> Bogeyman -> Canyon of the Cursed

Head to Mati Camp

  • Mati Camp is the first house on this route. Right after Scaremony ends, turn left and speedwalk through Madagascar and Far Far Away.
  • Walk past Scary Tales scare zone (for now) and head to Mati Camp’s entrance which leads you to Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures.

Go to The L.A.B through Scary Tales

  • After surviving Mati Camp, you’ll end up at the gates of the camp. You need to go to your second house The L.A.B..
  • Turn right at the Mati Camp gates, walk to the opposite Discovery Food Centre to go to Scary Tales scare zone.
  • In the land where fairy tales gone wrong, the scare actors will interact with you. Show no fear and march on until the end where you will come to The L.A.B.

Head to Jack’s 3-Dimentia

  • After the L.A.B, you will end up at the exit of Water World.
  • Walk back to Jack’s 3-Dementia through Far Far Away and Madagascar into New York. The journey to New York doesn’t have any scare zones so hopefully it’s not that crowded.
  • Once in New York, make your way to Jack’s 3-Dementia which is next to Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Last house: Jing’s Revenge

  • After getting over your giddiness from your 3D adventures, head back into the streets of New York to the Library. The entrance to Jing’s Revenge is to the right of the Library.

Finish the remaining Scare Zones

  • After Jing’s Revenge, you will end up back at Demoncracy Scare Zone. Take a stroll around and admire the ruins of the street.
  • Then head to Lights, Camera, Action to go to Bogeyman scare zone. This route is pretty long.
  • At the end of Bogeyman, you will reach the outskirts of Sci-Fi City.
  • Turn left to Ancient Egypt to check out Canyon of the Cursed Scare Zone.

Congratulations! You’ve finished all four Haunted Houses and Scare Zones.

On Dejiki.com, there are multiple strategies for hitting all Haunted Houses. You should check them out too.


What other spoilers do you want to share? Write them down in the comments section.

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