USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 R.I.P. tour review

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Last month, I met a friend of a friend who turned out to be a Halloween Horror Nights die-hard fan. I offered to help him get tickets to the event but he said that he had booked the R.I.P. Tour. His group of friends took the R.I.P. Tour last year and loved the experience so much that they were doing it again.

I was intrigued by the R.I.P. Tour but didn’t have the chance to go until last Friday! I’ve been to HHN4 two times so I was curious about how the R.I.P. Tour would be different.

Here’s a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version of how the R.I.P. Tour is different from a regular entry:

R.I.P. Tour Regular HHN4 Ticket
Regular price $198 Regular price $68
Welcome drinks at the VIP Reception. Buy drinks while queuing to enter the Park.
Special VIP Tour pass, lanyard and glowstick. Buy a lanyard and glowstick.
Special space to watch Opening Scaremony. Need to be early to get to the front row for the Opening Scaremony.
Guided tour of the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones Read up on the stories behind each Haunted House and Scare Zone
Entry to Haunted Houses and Scare Zones using back entrance. The group will be given precedence over Express Pass holders. Queue to get into the Houses and Zones. Or get the Express Pass for speedier single entry.
Entry to certain attraction rides using back entrance. Again, ahead of everyone else in the queue. Queue to get into the Houses and Zones. Or get the Express Pass for speedier single entry.
Front and center seats for Jack’s Nightmare Circus. Queue to get into the theatre for Jack’s Nightmare Circus. If it’s full house for the performance, wait for the next show.
After the tour, use the VIP Pass for unlimited Express access to all Haunted Houses, Scare Zones and selected rides. Queue to get into the Houses and Zones. Or get the Express Pass for speedier single entry.
1-for-1 Fujifilm photo prints. Regular price for photo prints.
$15 meal voucher. Pay for your own meal and drink.


If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details of of the tour, read on! This post is divided into

Getting into the Halloween mood at VIP Reception

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

My R.I.P. Tour was on a Friday night. My group was scheduled to leave before 7:30pm to catch the Opening Scaremony. I was told to be at the VIP Reception at 7:15pm. Being the kiasu person that I am, I went over at slightly past 7:00pm.

To reach the VIP Reception, I had to wade through a crowd of teenagers taking selfies around the Universal Globe and the pushcarts hawking HHN4 memorabilia. There was already a queue of eager HHN4 fans at the turnstile, waiting for the gates to open.

The VIP reception was transformed for the night. Outside, there were a few gargoyles, a tombstone and an upright coffin. Music from USS was blasting loudly as I signed in with the woman with a skull painted on her face, before being ushered into the waiting lounge.

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

The airconditioning at the VIP Reception was heavenly after the walk in the humid air. I lounged on the sofa, glad that I had somewhere to sit instead of standing and queuing for the event to happen like I did during my previous HHN4 visits.

The staff was courteous and gave me one cold cordial after another. I drank them down in gulps, knowing that I will need all the sugar energy for the three hour tour.

Besides sheltering us from the humid air, the VIP Reception offered protection from the loud blaring music outside that had given me a headache. The pounding music was muffled by the glass door while I relaxed indoors.

While waiting for the tour to start, I braved the loud music and went outside to take shots of the decoration. One of the guides offered to take a photo of me in the upright coffin.

HHN R.I.P. Tour VIP lounge

My other group mates started arriving. My group consists of six people: a three-person team of mother, daughter and aunt, and a couple in their early 20s. The size of each tour group is kept small so the tour guide can give us enough attention.

The tour guide Rashid and our obligatory in-the-mood-for-blood photo.
The tour guide Rashid and our obligatory in-the-mood-for-blood photo.

Our guide for the night was Rashid. To get everyone in the mood, the R.I.P. Tour guides were dressed as surgeons. Well, surgeons who happen to have ghoulish makeup and blood leaking at the corners of their mouths. Definitely not someone I would want in my operating room.

Later during the tour, Rashid was helpful by sharing the back stories of each of the Houses. If you aren’t familiar with the stories behind each houses, it’s good to have a guide around. (Or you can read our blog post: All the scares at HHN4.)

Before we headed into the park proper, we collected our VIP lanyard, an orange glowstick and a $15 meal voucher. The glowstick was useful in lighting up the path in some of the darker corner of the Haunted Houses.

RIP Tour VIP Pass

Getting ready for the Opening Scaremony

The group set off about 5 minutes before 7:30pm. A crowd of people were already inside.

Rashid guided our group by waving a long glowstick. We squeezed past the rest of the crowd until we reached the Minion Mart entrance. Like in a zombie apocalypse film, Rashid banged on the door and we were let into the air-conditioned store. Turns out, the space reserved for the R.I.P. Tour guests can be accessed from another door of the souvenir store.

We cooled off in the store before heading out to the VIP viewing area. The cordoned off space offered a view of the stage and the screen.

We had a lot of space to walk around in our little corner. It was definitely more comfortable than squeezing among the crowd.

Separated from the mob at the VIP area for the Opening Scaremony
Separated from the mob at the VIP area for the Opening Scaremony

While waiting, Rashid pointed out that the show would be on the stage as well as at one of the buildings. Without that advice, we would have missed out some parts of the show.

The Opening Scaremony was fantastic as usual. From our spot, we could see the scuffle that happened between the protestors and the bodyguards before the Minister of Evil arrived. It was great getting to see everything up close.

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R.I.P. Tour itinerary

After the Opening Scaremony, the crowd went wild and made their way to the different zones. With the R.I.P. tour, we didn’t need to join the rush and we let them go ahead since we have VIP access to the Houses and rides.

What’s exactly VIP access? It means that while on the R.I.P. Tour, we get to go in front of the queue, even before the Express Pass Holders. It’s a giddying sense of relief not to queue for the Houses or rides.

Here’s our itinerary for the night in case you want to recreate the experience:

Jack’s 3-Dementia

Rashid and his lightstick, guiding our group to Jack's 3-Dementia
Rashid and his lightstick, guiding our group to Jack’s 3-Dementia

The first Haunted House that we visited. We were guided to the front of the queue. We waited for a while for the group in front to walk further into the house so we could experience the House better.

But as usual, everyone’s walk halted to a shuffle inside the House so we formed a conga line with the folks in front anyway,


Next up was a Scare Zone. We entered through the temporary fence which I didn’t even realise can be an entrance.

This was my favourite zone because it’s kind of like an open air Haunted House.

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

The R.I.P. Tour includes the regular rides as well. I like this part of the tour because we get to hide in air-conditioned spaces for a while.

Entering the Transformer ride from the exit. Like a boss.
Entering the Transformer ride from the exit. Like a boss.

We entered TRANSFORMERS The Ride through the exit. Some of the guests leaving the ride gave us bewildered look. One guy shouted to his friends, “Oh! It’s the VIP tour!” I felt a bit embarrassed but also secretly pleased about that.

At the ride, our group had the pick of the front rows. I’ve forgotten how much fun this ride is.

Canyon of the Cursed

Just a regular walk in the haunted canyon. No big deal. (Yes, it’s a big deal because of zombie cowboys and Native Americans!)

Revenge of The Mummy

The ride doesn’t allow carry on bags. With the R.I.P. Tour, we didn’t have to fight with the mad crowd at the lockers. We left our bags in the family room while Rashid looked after them.

Mati Camp

Instead of joining the queue, we entered through the exit and reached the front of the queue in no time.

Canopy Flyer

When Rashid brought us to the Canopy Flyer, I thought it was odd since I’ve always thought of this as a kiddy ride. Turns out, the ride gives a great bird’s eye view of the Park. It looks totally different with all the Halloween decorations. Another great tip I learned from the R.I.P. Tour.

In the past, I’ve waited for 45 minutes to go on this 30-seconds ride. Today on the tour, Rashid brought us to the front of the queue and arranged it so that all of us could sit at the front.

Scary Tales

Rashid guided us through the zone with his lightstick. He pointed out some of the ghouls we might have missed out since we were too focused on getting out.

Sometimes guests would freak out when they see Rashid in his costumes. At times like these, I felt gleeful.

The L.A.B

I’ve heard that the queue for this Haunted House is out of the world. Thankfully, we could enter by the side entrance that was separate from the queues.

After exiting, Rashid took us through a shortcut back to Canyon of the Cursed. I would have taken the longer route if it wasn’t for him.

Jing’s Revenge

Again, we were led to the front of the queue. I looked back at the crowd and felt glad that I wasn’t among them or else my feet would ache more than they were then.


Minister of Evil podium

After conquering all of the houses and zones, we stopped by the Minister of Evil’s podium to take photos with the Minister. There was a 1-for-1 promotion for R.I.P. tour guests.

Madagascar’s Crate Adventure

When Rashid suggested me go on Madagascar’s Crate Adventure before Jack’s Nightmare Circus, I thought to myself, “What? A kiddie ride on HHN?”

Turns out it’s a really thoughtful choice. I had the chance to sit down in peace, check my social media accounts and doze off a bit. After the long walk in the park, this was a very good rest spot.

Jack’s Nightmare Circus


The show was our very last stop for the R.I.P. Tour. We were allowed to go in before the other guests and were given centre front-row seats. Rashid said sometimes the show is so popular that some of the guests couldn’t get in at all.

Even though I’ve watched it Jack’s Nightmare Circus, there were changes to the show that surprised me. This is another must-watch for HHN4.

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After the R.I.P. Tour

DJ, play my favourite song!
DJ, play my favourite song!

After the tour ended, we were left on our own. The VIP Pass is now an Unlimited Express Pass. The regular Express Pass allows express single entry to a ride while the Unlimited Express Pass lets me to go on the rides again and again using the Express Pass lane.

I decided to take the regular rides again. I started having withdrawal from the “super VIP Express” I had during the R.I.P. Tour.

Even in the Express Pass lane, I had to wait 10 minutes for The Mummy and 3 minutes for the Transformer ride.

After the rides, I was tired but I needed to check out all of the four houses and zones once more. It felt like a waste if I didn’t squeeze every cent out of the VIP pass.

I flashed my VIP pass at the entrance and was directed to all of the Express Pass lanes. The Express Pass lanes at the scary attractions were shorter than the regular rides queue. What’s up with that?

With the Express Pass function, I cleared all four of the houses in no time. If you’re thinking that the R.I.P. Tour isn’t for you, I recommend getting the Express Pass so you can save time.

Is the HHN R.I.P. Tour worth its value?

The R.I.P Tour at $198 does seem pricey. But RWS Invites Member and Attractions Annual Pass Holder only need to pay $158.

I suggest getting the Invites membership for yourself or asking friends with the cards to book the tour for you at a lower price.

After the promo, the price of the R.I.P. Tour is comparable to getting a HHN entrance ticket and Express Pass where the total price can go up to $138. (Entrance ticket at $68 regular price and a Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass at $70).

You get a lot more with the R.I.P. Tour too:

Highlight of the R.I.P. Tour

  • 3-hours of guided tour. (No need to worry about getting lost! Also no need to memorise all the back story of the houses.)
  • Front row view of the Scaremony without the need to queue early.
  • Breeze past everyone (even Express Pass holders) to enter the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones.
  • Take the secret pathway to the rides and go on the rides without queuing during the tour.
  • Get the best seats in the house for Jack’s Nightmare Circus.
  • After the tour, use the VIP pass as an unlimited Express Pass. (The usual Express Pass allows single entry into the Houses, Scare Zones and Rides.)
  • Get 1-for-1 promotion for photos.
  • $15 meal voucher included. Yay, free food!
  • VIP tour lanyard and pass.

Who should go for the R.I.P. Tour?

  • People who don’t like to queue (at all).
  • People who like to learn about stories behind each Haunted House or Scare Zone without reading about it on the internet.
  • People who like guided tours.
  • People who like to take the rides.

There are multiple departure timing for the R.I.P. Tour, even ones at 10:00pm. (Though I’m not sure why anyone would choose that slot because they’ll miss out on the Scaremony.)

Remember to book a slot before heading down for HHN.

R.I.P. Tour prices

  • RI. P. Tour $198
  • RWS Invites Member and Attractions Annual Pass Holder $158
  • Maybank Cardholder $178

For R.I.P. Tour bookings, email or call 6577 6077.

With the tour, you will get:

  • 1 Halloween Horror Nights 4 ticket.
  • 1 Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited Pass.
  • 1 R.I.P tour credential, lanyard and glow stick.
  • Be personally guided through each scare zone and enjoy VIP access to all haunted houses and select attractions.
  • Complimentary refreshments at the VIP reception – choice of coffee, tea or bottled water at the start of the tour.
  • One (1) $15 meal voucher for use at any food and beverage cart/outlet in Universal Studios Singapore or the buffet dinner at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor® from 6:30pm to 9pm. Reservations are required.
  • Opportunity for a private meet and greet and photo session with the scare-actors
  • 10% discount on selected merchandise at Universal Studios Singapore retail outlets.
  • 10% discount off total bill at Universal Studios Singapore F&B outlets (Not applicable for alcohol and souvenir items)
  • Fujifilm one-for-one promotion for photo prints.

For R.I.P. Tour bookings, email or call 6577 6077.

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