All the scares at Halloween Horror Nights 4

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The gates of Halloween Horror Nights 4 will open on 3 October. To help you get ready, here’s a roundup of the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones that you will get to experience.


Haunted Houses are labelled in numbers. Scare Zones are labelled in alphabet.

The four Haunted Houses

1: The Lab–Laboratory of Alien Breeding

The Lab Haunted House HHN4

Location: WaterWorld

Entrance: At the end of Scary Tales scare zone (D)

Expect: To come face-to-face with alien-looking body parts, irritating synthesised sounds and blinking lights that is usually associated with futuristic sci-fi.

Watch out for secret compartments and unexpected dead ends (with aliens of course). Xenophobes should stay away.

2: Mati Camp

HHN4 Mati Camp

Location: Lost World

Entrance: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Expect a communications room, bunk beds and guns. Just like an army camp, only the people are not really people. It’s dark so ‘watch’ your step; don’t stumble into the small staircase somewhere inside.

The last part is the best; we won’t spoil the surprise but you will be pushing your tolerance for darkness to the limit. Stay calm and move along recruit, nothing to see here.

3: Jing’s Revenge

Jing's Revenge haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 4

Location: New York

Entrance: Next to New York Library

Expect books, cupboards and even a jaunt through a toilet – it’s a school after all. If you have pediophobia (fear of dolls), well… good luck! Watch out for messages from beyond that come flashing out at you. And is that a water spray? Or worse.

4: Jack’s 3-Dementia

Jack's 3-Dimentia Haunted House at Halloween Horror Nights 4

Location: New York

Entrance: Alley next to Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Expect Singapore’s first 3-D haunted house. You’ll be wearing special glasses that’ll bring the elements popping out at you. And that’s not even mentioning the clowns – wicked wicked things that will pop out at inopportune moments and shoot you with water.

Get assailed with an overload of dizzying lights and loud sounds that will make you reel. If you need to scream, go ahead, because no one can hear you.

Scare Zones

Here’s a list of the scare zones and the scare characters that haunt the places.

Scare Zone 1: Demoncracy

Demoncray scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 4

Location: New York

Scare Zone 2: Bogeyman

Bogeyman scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 4

Location: Sting Alley

Scare Zone 3: Canyon of the Cursed

Canyon of the Cursed scare zone at Halloween Horror Nights 4

Location: Ancient Egypt

Scare Zone 4: Scary Tales

Scary tales Halloween Horror Nights 4 Scare zone

Location: Lost World

Special show: Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Jack's Nightmare Circus

Location: Pantages
8:00PM, 10:00PM, 12:00AM on event nights only

HHN4’s creepy resident serial killer, Jack the Clown, has opened auditions for Jack’s Nightmare Circus. Watch aerial acrobats, contortionists and other talented performers audition for a chance to live or die.

Do not miss this show!

Which is your favourite Haunted House or Scare Zone? Share it in the comments below.

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