First timer’s review of Halloween Horror Nights 4

by Rachel Chua, who was interning with the Communications team at Resorts World Sentosa

Hello there! I’m Rachel, and I’m currently an intern here at RWS. I’ve been tasked to write a review on Halloween Horror Nights 4, so here it is!

Just a little background information before I proceed with the review:

  • This is my first year going for HHN
  • I’m a major coward when it comes to horror and gore
  • I went with my friends in our group of 8!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted to go for HHN since it first started. But I always hesitated because I was too scared, and the expensive ticket prices deterred me as well. Like most people told me, “You’re paying to scare yourself!” So I never did go. Until now!

My friends and I went on the 4 October on a Saturday, which also happened to be the opening weekend of HHN4.

I had no idea what to expect prior to going and it made me very anxious. All I knew was that the scare actors’ make-up looks disturbingly real, and that it was going to be dark (duh).

Looking out from the window of the monorail at Waterfront station, you can already feel the drastic change in atmosphere in USS. Obviously it’s dark, and it seemed gloomy, but the trademark soundtrack that you hear while waiting to enter USS has become more eerie, and the light from the street lamps are red in colour.

You can see event-goers that are adorned in glow sticks and LED gear ranging from devil horn headbands in an assortment of colours, to skull scepters.


If you really want to relish in the atmosphere of Halloween during HHN, do get them! I bought the blue devils horn headband for $6, and it made me grin from ear to ear like an idiot after I wore it. It also made finding me easier for my friends.

Now, I highly suggest that you enter USS early to get a good view of the Opening Scaremony. My friends and I were late, so we were right at the back and could barely see what was going on. The road along Hollywood becomes pretty congested, too. So come early!

Minister of Evil at HHN4 Opening Scaremony
Did you know? The Minister of Evil’s animatronic wings for the Opening Scaremony weigh approximately 10kg, which is no joke.

Tips for an enjoyable HHN4

My route for that night was:

Jack’s 3-Dementia -> Jack’s Nightmare Circus at 8.15pm -> Demoncracy -> Jing’s Revenge -> Bogeyman -> Canyon of the Cursed -> Mati Camp -> Scary Tales -> The L.A.B

We managed to catch Jack’s Nightmare Circus, the show that runs At Hollywood Pantages Theatre during HHN (a must-watch!), complete all 8 haunted houses and scare zones by 1:00 am, and even took a few rides in between – Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, and Transformers The Ride.

So yes, it’s possible to experience all of what the park has to offer at night without express passes!

I was expecting queue times between 1 to 2 hours based on my friends’ past experiences, but we were pleasantly surprised. Waiting times for us averaged around 20 to 30 minutes, the longest being Jing’s Revenge where we waited in line for about 40 minutes. For Mati Camp, we didn’t have to wait at all – there was no queue! (Guess the extended number of nights to spread out event-goers worked, after all.)

Another tip – go with great company! Queuing can feel like a lifetime sometimes, especially when it’s for something that you’re excited about.  But when you’re having fun, it can pass in the blink of an eye. Ehm, my friends were entertaining me by dancing, so..

Anyway, some might think starting from the furthest haunted house would be best, since few would think to do so. But sorry to burst your bubble – most people did thought of taking the backtracking route, resulting in long waiting times for The L.A.B.

Tips to minimise HHN4

Don't get headaches queuing like these zombie cowboys.
Don’t get headaches queuing like these zombie cowboys.

My advice? Just take a look at the wait time boards and compare the waiting times for each attraction. These boards can be found all over USS, and trust me – it will save you a lot of wasted time queuing for houses that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Leave the crowded ones last; the park would be a lot less crowded after 12am because there are people who are rushing to catch the last train home.

Familiarise yourself with the locations of each haunted house and scare zones; you’ll want to be able to get there fast if you have to!

How scary is HHN4?

Magic Mirror at Scary Tales. He talks!
Magic Mirror at Scary Tales. He talks!

Regarding the scare level at HHN4, I was actually expecting to come out of it traumatized, or something to that extent. But to my pleasant surprise, I actually held up pretty well.

Sure – I screamed a lot, and the scare actors were a little too close for comfort, but I managed to pull through. I even enjoyed screaming my lungs out and laughing at myself.

One thing to note though; the scare actors really get into character and try their best to sneak up on you when your guard is down. I was at Demoncracy and when I looked to my left, I had such a shock when what I saw was a demon staring me back in the face. Also, try not to look too terrified; this will just attract them like nectar to a bee.

However, if you’re really nervous about it and are willing to compromise your experience at HHN, you can try wearing ear plugs in one/both ear(s) to block out the shrieks coming from the roaming ghouls and eerie sound effects.

This is only a suggestion for those who remain apprehensive, because it does tone down the scares a great deal. Some of my friends actually felt that this year’s HHN was considerably toned down compared to previous years, so that is another factor worth considering as well.

How big should your group be?

Friends at Halloween Horror Nights 4

In terms of numbers, we were an even group of eight. Our big number wasn’t a problem; whether odd or even, it didn’t make any difference because we always went into the haunted houses together to allow queues to move faster.

However, some may feel that this is a drawback because small numbers makes the experience more frightening.

Another thing to note is that guests are not allowed to dress up for the event. So do leave your costumes at home; because this is more of a them-scaring-you rather than you-scaring-others kind of event!

However, what I found worth commending are the stage props and the sound effects. The stage props were so well-done, and the sound effects were amazing. It just made the haunted houses look and sound like an actual movie set, giving guests a chance to star in their very own horror movie.

Was HHN4 worth it?

So if you asked me on whether I thought it was money well-spent, my reply would be a resounding yes.

Apart from the eight scare attractions, most of the rides in the park will be open during the period of HHN as well.

Although the ticket prices are fairly steep at S$68, you can purchase them at a cheaper price with various online deals or student exclusives.

After all, it’s an annual event and USS is one of the few places where you can bask in the spirit of Halloween in Singapore. My friends who were equally cowardly thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well, and are eagerly anticipating next year’s Halloween Horror Nights!

How was your HHN4 experience? Share your blog posts with us and we’ll tweet out our favourites.

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