Insider tips to ace your scare-actor audition for Halloween Horror Nights 7

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Being a good scare-actor for Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights isn’t just about your ability to creep people out or give ear-piercing screams. You need to be able to take directions, stay focused, have good listening skills and be fit enough to take up this energy-demanding role.

Still want to give it a try? Creative Director Markham Gannon, one of the judges for this year’s scare-actor auditions, tells us what he looks out for.

What do you look for in a scare-actor?

We look for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities who LOVE Halloween, and LOVE TO SCARE PEOPLE. No experience is necessary, but it helps if you can take direction and stay focused during their audition, and later on set.

Listening skills are important to make sure you don’t miss out on any details. Most of all, a great imagination and bold choices makes for a great scare-actor. Being able to control you body is important too, as you’ll morph into weird and scary characters and victims.


How should one prepare for the HHN7 audtions?

Watch some horror movies, look at some of our previous HHN footage online (here, here, and here), and really understand the style of event.

We tend to gravitate toward characters that we can see ourselves playing, so it helps if you have someone or something in mind to show us. Also, keep an open mind and be prepared for the unexpected and to work with others.

What was your most memorable HHN audition?

Once, one of our scare-actors was playing the victim for another person’s audition. As he was killed, he convincingly fell to the ground, and knocked his teeth out. Blood went everywhere. Method acting you might say! That was definitely a surprise, and something that we certainly do not expect from our scare-actors.

What else should one be prepared for?

Halloween Horror Nights is a magnificent event. It’s great fun and you get to meet heaps of great people. It requires full commitment and sometimes is not easy in the heat so it’s not for everyone.

To have the chance to perform and scare so many people is an opportunity that only comes around once per year. If you’re serious about auditioning, we would LOVE to see you. Bring your friends and have a great time together.

Universal Studios Singapore: Halloween Horror Nights 7 Scare-Actors Audition Details

Date: 3, 4, 10, 11 June 2017
Time: 11am – 8pm, last registration at 7.30pm
Venue: *SCAPE, Level 5, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978

For more information, visit our website or read past auditions tips.

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