USS HHN Behind The Screams Tour: Exclusive look

For the first time in Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) history, guests get to go behind the scenes of Singapore’s only immersive Halloween event this year. In Behind the Screams (BTS) Tour, the privileged few get to see what goes behind-the-scenes in setting up HHN5.

It is available as a bundle with the VIP Tour (Morning tour of USS) or R.I.P. Tour (Night tour of HHN5) on the 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24 October 2015. (Pricing available below.)

What goes on a Behind The Screams Tour at HHN5

The BTS tour includes:

  • A lights-on tour of two HHN5 haunted houses: Tunnel People and Siloso Gateway Block 50;
  • A look backstage at the make-up transformation of a scare actor;
  • A look at how the team turns over a zone from a family-friendly park to the atmospheric HHN zone.

Since no photography is allowed on the Behind The Screams Tour, RWScoop is offering an exclusive look at parts of the BTS tour.

Getting ready for Behind the Screams Tours

You’ll gather at the VIP Reception before your group heads out to the BTS Tour. The tour group size is a maximum of 12 guests for a comfortable experience.

You’ll receive a cool badge here. The tour departs at 5.30pm with a VIP Tour Guide leading the group.

Behind The Screams badge

Behind The Screams Tour: Tunnel People

Behind The Screams: Tunnel People

The first stop is the Tunnel People haunted house. This is USS HHN’s first ever dark house and you’ll get a chance to see what the inside of the house is like in the day.

Here, the technical producer of the house will bring you on a tour of the house and share some of the secrets of the house. Some of them are:

  • How they make the sound in the haunted house seem to come from the back instead of the front;
  • How the infinity floor works;
  • The meaning behind the runes in the room called the Runes of the Ancients;
  • An animatronic scare that was flown in from the United States just for the house.

hhn5 behind the screams rune

One of the secrets that we can share for Tunnel People haunted house is that in the room called the Runes of the Ancients, the runes are based on actual runic texts – an ancient way of writing Germanic texts. Learn what they mean on the tour!

Behind The Screams Tour: Sentosa Gateway Block 50

The second stop is the popular Sentosa Gateway Block 50. At 8.5 metres high, this house boasts the tallest entrance façade of any house ever built in the history of USS HHN.

hhn5 behind the screams siloso gateway 50

Some of the secrets that you will learn here are:

  • How the lifts in Sentosa Gateway Block 50 work;
  • How the live-action fight scene in the Eurasian home works;
  • Which of the four homes has a real family acting as scareactors;
  • A look at how one of the scare effect in the Chinese home works.

hhn5 behind the screams life

Behind The Screams Tour: Make up transformation

hhn5 behind the screams makeup

June Goh, the head of Hair and Makeup team, will personally demonstrate how she transforms a scareactor from human to a zombie.

You will also learn the process of creating the masks and prosthetics for HHN5. The different masks used for our scareactors will be on display too. You may even get the chance to try out the prosthetics used at HHN5.

Behind The Screams Tour: Make up transformation

Zone Turnover

You’ll also get a glimpse of how the USS team turns over a zone for HHN5. Zone turnover is so crucial that the team even has a briefing before the actual turnover.

On event days, the team only has 20 to 30 minutes per zone. On the tour, you’ll get to see their swift work as they bring out the props, lights and machines required to give the zone the proper HHN5 look.

Behind The Screams Tour: Zone Turnover

If you have signed up for the R.I.P. Tour following the BTS Tour, you can have dinner before coming back for your R.I.P. Tour.

Sign up for Behind The Screams Tour Bundle Package

The Behind The Screams Tour is only available in a bundle with the VIP Tour or R.I.P. Tour on the 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24 October 2015:

  • The VIP Tour + Behind The Screams tour package is at S$338.
  • The R.I.P. Tour + Behind The Screams tour package is at S$238.

To reserve your Behind The Screams Tour Packages, please call (65) 6577 6077 or email us at

HHN5 behind the screams tour

Behind The Screams Tour Packages

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