41 meow-nificient trivia about Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Singapore is happening at Resorts World Sentosa from 16 October to 10 November. Here’s a peek at the mini theme park.

Did you know that the cutesy character Hello Kitty has been around for more than 40 years? Here are 41 fun facts about her.

Did you know that the cutesy character Hello Kitty has been around for more than 40 years? In fact, she will be turning 41 on November 1 this year.

To celebrate her birthday, here are 41 trivia about the character.

Hello Kitty and her family


  1. Hello Kitty is a Scorpio as her birthday is on 1 November 1974. She’ll be 41 years old in 2015. However, Hello Kitty is designed to be 8 years old.
  2. Her full name is Kitty White.
  3. Hello Kitty is as tall as five apples (That makes her taller than a Smurf.)
  4. She is as heavy as three apples.
  5. Her blood type is A, which is the most typical blood type in Japan.
  6. She was born in the suburbs of London and lives with her parents. (Yes, she has a family!)
  7. Her father is George White, a businessman with a sense of humour.
  8. Her mother is Mary White, a housewife who was formerly a pianist and likes to bake apple pies. Hello Kitty loves her mother’s apple pies.
  9. Hello Kitty has a younger twin sister named Mimmy who is described as shy and girly.
  10. How do you differentiate Hello Kitty from her twin sister Mimmy? Hello Kitty’s ribbon is red and on her left ear while Mimmy’s ribbon is yellow and on her right ear.
  11. Hello Kitty’s Grandpa is Anthony White and he likes to paint.
  12. Hello Kitty’s Grandma is Margaret White and she likes to embroider.
  13. Hello Kitty has a boyfriend called Daniel Star (also known as “Dear Daniel”).
  14. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel were childhood friends. The two were separated when Dear Daniel moved to Pretoria, South Africa due to his father’s job. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel met again later in life.
  15. Hello Kitty has three pets. Her first pet is Charmmy Kitty which was a Persian given by her father.
  16. Her second pet is Sugar, the younger sister of Charmmy Kitty.
  17. Her third pet is a Djungarian hamster which was given to Hello Kitty by Dear Daniel.
  18. Hello Kitty’s hobbies include traveling, music, reading, making new friends and going on adventures.
  19. Hello Kitty’s favourite subject in school is English, music and art.
  20. Hello Kitty is social-media savvy and has a twitter account @hellokitty.
  21. Hello Kitty’s favourite word is “Friendship”. According to her twitter account, she always says, ‘You can never have too many friends!’
  22. Hello Kitty’s dream is to be a pianist. Her parents purchased a grand piano for the family in 1981.
  23. Hello Kitty’s favourite flower is a daisy.
  24. Her favourite Christmas present is a teddy bear which her father gave her in 1982.

Hello Kitty the character

  1. Hello Kitty was created when Sanrio wanted to have its own original characters to reduce its reliance on the Snoopy merchandise which it had licensed. The company revealed six characters with sales of Hello Kitty products overtaking the others.
  2. According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because, “Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She’s Sanrio’s ambassador to the world and isn’t bound to any particular language.”
  3. Don’t call Hello Kitty a cat. Sanrio has said that she is a cartoon character and a personification of a cat.
  4. While Hello Kitty is not a cat, she was designed based on the Japanese bobtail cat.
  5. Did you know Hello Kitty was designed slightly differently throughout the years because there were three designers working on her during different periods? Here are the designers:
    1. Yuko Shimizu (1974 to 1976)
    2. Setsuko Yonekuba (1976 to 1980)
    3. Yuko Yamaguchi (1980 to today)
  6. The first Hello Kitty fan club was set up in 1986.
  7. In 2009, Lady Gaga once had a Hello Kitty-themed photo shoot where she wore a dress made up of Hello Kitty plush toys among other Hello Kitty products.hello kitty lady gaga


Hello Kitty, the overachiever

Hello Kitty in Space
Hello Kitty in Space


  1. Hello Kitty has been to space. In 2014, Japan sent a 4-cm tall Hello Kitty into space in the Hodoyoshi-3.
  2. Hello Kitty been bestowed with the exclusive title “UNICEF Special Friend of Children” by UNICEF.
  3. Hollywood has plans to release a Hello Kitty movie  in 2019. The project will have an expected budget of anywhere from US$160 million to US$240 million.
  4. Cat power combined! You can buy bags with designs that combine the two famous Japanese cartoon felines–Hello Kitty and Doraemon.
  5. In 2008, Hello Kitty named Japan’s tourism ambassador to China and Hong Kong.
  6. There is Hello Kitty beer targeted at the Taiwanese and Chinese market. The beer comes in flavours such as peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana.
  7. You can fly with Hello Kitty on EVA Air’s Hello Kitty-themed planes.

Hello Kitty and Singapore

  1. Singaporeans were crazy for Hello Kitty. In 2000, “tens of thousands of people” went to McDonald’s to buy the limited edition Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel soft toys that came with meal purchases.
  2. In celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, McDonald and SingPost have separately have launched Hello Kitty-related SG50 collectibles.
  3. The “Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Singapore” is a temporary, mini Hello Kitty theme park. It is coming to The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore from October 16 to November 10, 2015. It’s the first time it is going outside Hong Kong.

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday at Hello Kitty Go Around!


From 16 October to 10 November, come to Hello Kitty Go Around! at The Coliseum at Hard Roch Hotel Singapore.

There will be interactive game kiosks and cutesy larger-than-life photo attractions! You’ll get photo opportunities with Hello Kitty and Friends at the Ferris Wheel and Apple Temple, or join the ultimate challenge at Papa’s Reading Room.

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday on 1 November 2015. Only 1000 tickets are available for her birthday celebration which includes dance performances and meet & greet sessions!

Specially designed Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Singapore SG50 Exclusive Packs are also available on sale.

Hello Kitty Go Around!

Venue: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore Resorts World Sentosa

Ticket Pricing (Excludes Booking Fee):
Weekday (Mon-Fri): S$48.15 (price incl. of GST)
Weekend (Sat & Sun) / PH Eve (9 Nov) & PH (10 Nov): S$58.85 (price incl. of GST)

Children (below 12 years old):
S$44.90 (price incl. of GST) (Weekday)
S$55.60 (price incl. of GST) (Weekend / PH Eve & PH)

Birthday celebration standard ticket (1 Nov only) : S$201.15 (price incl. of GST)

**Add S$80.25 (price incl of GST) to get a SG50 exclusive pack.


Photos from Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Singapore

hello kitty entrance

hello kitty stone

hello kitty temple

hello kitty wall

hello kitty ferris wheel

hello kitty friends

hello kitty mailbox

hello kitty merry go around

hello kitty post office

hello kitty reading room

hello kitty roller coaster


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