How to be a rock star, Hard Rock style

If Bon Jovi’s your style, jamming’s your thang, and becoming a rock star’s your dream, then Hard Rock Hotel Singapore might just be your fire.

Here are seven things you could do at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore that may just light up your path to superstardom.

1. Borrow a Fender guitar for your room for free

Fender guitar menu at Hard Rock Hotel
Fender guitar menu at Hard Rock Hotel

That rumour you heard about being able to loan a guitar? It’s not a rumour.

If you are saying at Hard Rock Hotel, you can actually request for a Fender guitar during check-in. Choose from 20 guitars, drop a deposit and have it delivered to your room.

It comes with headphones (for noise-free practice because you are a considerate rock star) and a guitar amplifier Fender Mustang Floor multi-effects unit. Shred all you want in your room and return it when you check out.

hard rock hotel guitar

2. Listen to free music streaming

Live it up like a rock star at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Get inspired by other rock songs when you aren’t playing, with free music streaming by Hard Rock Hotel. Take out your mobile devices and head to for the free music playlist. You can even download one of the 15 songs on the playlist from iTunes, with a code you’ll receive during check-in.

On TV, there’s also the Hard Rock Music Video Channel if you prefer lounging in bed and watching music videos.

3. Learn how to look like a rock star

David Bowie's Metallic Gold Costume
David Bowie’s Metallic Gold Costume

Being a rock star is not just about the skills, you have to look the part too.

We have more than 40 memorabilia at Hard Rock Hotel at 23 locations. With the 3D2N Hard Rock Hotel Singapore Amplified Package, you get to go on a personalised guided memorabilia tour and learn about who actually wore or used them before (yes, they are the real thing!).

Some of the memorabilia on the tour are from Elvis Presley, Puff Daddy, Eminem, Noel Gallagher from Oasis and more. But even if you don’t get the packaged tour, you can check out these items at:

Rock Shop; Rock Bar; Guest Lift Lobby A; Guest Lift Lobby B; Lobby Stage; Guest Lift Level 3A; Guest Lift Level 3B; Guest Lift Level 4B; Guest Lift Level 5A; Guest Lift Level 4B; Guest Lift Level 6A; Guest Lift Level 6B

4. Tone those muscles at the 24-hour gym

Rock stars keep themselves in shape by working out. You can do the same at the Body Rock Fitness Center. The gym is on the Lobby level, near the towel collection for swimming pool.

Open throughout the day, it is accessible by hotel key card and includes cardio and weight-training equipment.

hard rock hotel gym

5. Primp in your ‘backstage’ dressing room

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore


Slip into one of the comfy bathrobes and head to the bathroom. Whether it’s getting ready to go out or going to bed, you’ll feel like you’re in a rock star’s dressing room with the half-length vanity mirror. You’ll also find a little guitar-shaped shelf filled with Hard Rock’s signature bathroom amenities.

hard rock hotel guitar bathroom
The cute guitar-shaped shelf filled with Hard Rock’s signature bathroom amenities.

6. Get your beauty rest

Though rock stars party till dawn, there’s still time to catch forty winks. Sink into the Simmons “Cool Max” bed in your room and wake up feeling refreshed for the day.

The Deluxe Room (King) and Deluxe Suite rooms each have one king-sized bed while the Deluxe Room (Twin) has two double beds.

On top of that, there’s also a pull-out bed in every room, in case you’re bringing your entourage (aka family for now) along. Do note that third party and set-up charges apply.

Maximum occupancy in the Deluxe Rooms and Deluxe Suite is 3 Adults or 2 Adults & 2 Children

7. Buy merchandise from The Rock Shop

Hard Rock hotel Rock Shop
Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel

Start looking the part with apparels from The Rock Shop. You may even get inspired by what unique products you can create when you are famous. At worst, you can get some of these merchandise now for friends and family back home.


Those are the seven tips for you to start your journey to becoming a bona fide rock star. When you’ve made it to the top, don’t forget to give your own memorabilia to Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.



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