Hantu, Ghost and Halloween Horror Nights 3

No way out.
No way out.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has never been so scary and densely populated.

Because this year, in the third installment of the wildly popular scarefest, the Resort is upping the stakes by “employing”  grotesque creatures and ghouls from both east and west mythology. Check out some of the scariest creatures of the night.

The Vampire


Origins: Unknown. Since it’s prevalent since centuries ago, we have ruled out Count Dracula from Sesame Street.

What in the world…: Bloodsucking monsters that look like humans. Wait, we are not talking about ah longs (loan sharks) right?

Specific set of skills: They have far better hearing and eyesight than ordinary humans. Plus, they just won’t die. You sure we are not talking about loan sharks?

Weakness: Pay up. What? Not loan sharks? Well then garlic, silver and good ol’ sunlight will do.

The Toyol

Origins: Malay mythology, prevalent in South East Asia.

What in the world…: It is an animated fetal corpse, also known as “Kwee Kia” in Hokkien. A Toyol have bulbous heads, luminous eyes and mottled green skin. If you think the description sounds like your Cabbage Patch Kid, better ask for a refund now.

Specific set of skills: Effective at doing their owner’s shady work, sometimes even scoring them a huge windfall. Kaching! But don’t go spend it all on the latest iPhones yet; they can physically harm owners, especially negligent owners who skip bedtime stories.

Weakness: Not very intelligent because frontal lobe only develops at a later stage. They are also distracted by toys and their own reflections. We wonder why.

The Scary Doll


Origins: Possessed by evil spirits

What in the world…: A possessed doll with nefarious intentions. Some dolls just want to see the world burn.

Specific set of skills: Small, cute and perfect for the bedtime huddle. Checkmate.

Weakness: Also one of their weaknesses, being small make them relatively weak. If you have an electronic doll, easy, just remove the batteries.

The Pontianak

Origins: Malay and Javanese

What in the world… : She is the vengeful spirit of a woman who died during childbirth. Spotting long black hair and loves white flowing robes, you have more chance spotting her near a banana plantation than a fashion show. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Specific set of skills: Her octave levels, ranging from cackling laughs to whispers. Loud far away and soft when she’s near, you can say that she doesn’t like karaoke very much. Oh, and she flies around looking to gouge out eyes and intestines.

Weakness: Legend has it that if you plunge a nail into the nape of her neck, she will transform into a beautiful woman. Tell us if this works.

The Zombie


Origins: Black magic, virus outbreak, George Romero, Raffles Place MRT Station.

What in the world…:  Rotting undead who crave for human flesh. Someone pass them some deodorant.

Specific set of skills: Pure determination. Nothing stops in their way of great tasting human flesh. Similar to how we queue for hours for some donuts and minions.

Weakness: Aim for their heads. Remember to double tap.

The Jiang Shi

Origins: Chinese folklore or Chinese movies.

What in the world: Hopping Chinese vampires  or zombies with bad fashion sense and hairdo, who prefer to hang out in a group.

Specific set of skills: Jumping. We are sure they play a mean game of basketball.

Weakness: Blind as a bat and they are susceptible to a yellow piece of paper stuck on their forehead. With its doctor-like handwriting, that piece of paper looks just like your regular MC.

Can’t wait to see them in the flesh (that really depends on the species)? Book your tickets here and here (Safra members only) now.



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