Halloween Horror Nights: The Zones

 280 Scare-actors in 6 different scare zones. Here’s a glimpse of the labyrinth of horror that awaits you this Halloween as you cast our final cut at Universal Studios Singapore.


 First-up, Carn-Evil. Upon entering the park, guests step right up to the ‘Midway of Mayhem’ – the remnants – and remains – of a dark evil travelling circus that have ran amok. The foul air of death looms, while evil fill the streets of what used to be a joyous, innocent Hollywood street carnival. The surviving troupe of wicked outcasts wreaks havoc for unsuspecting, visiting guests, sending them running for their lives, if they do survive. 

Vengeance of the Matriarch (brand new)

True to our Asian roots, guests enter a 19th century authentic but dilapidated Peranakan house in our second zone, Vengeance of the Matriarch, where strict family traditions remain harshly instilled – by both the living, and the dead. Welcome to the mansion of the demented matriarch.

Story has it that the demented matriarch, after being murdered in cold blood by the family butcher under the seduction of her younger sister, has returned – powerful, demented, malicious and very angry. She lingers along the corridors and haunts the rooms, unleashing her wrath to everyone and anyone in her path.

Post Apocalyptic Rage

Next, the Post Apocalyptic Rage zone. As guests move through New York, they are immersed into the dark, post-apocalyptic streets where rampant crime following a recent disaster has decimated the world into utter pandemonium. Earth has become hell, consumed in chaos. Mutated zombies starving for fresh blood look to the streets to find their next meal – and yes, that would be you.


Entering a parallel universe much like 19th century America, guests wander into the fourth zone, Pestilence, through the giant gates of hell, into the harbour docks and back-alleys filled with newly arriving immigrants with hopes and dreams of a brand new shiny future. Suddenly, a demonic flesh eating plague infecting inhabitants destroys these dreams – and virtually everyone who enters these bloody, violent streets of pestilence and infection, possibly ending the race of mankind.  

The Void

For the fifth zone, journey through The Void and be immersed in the steamy, anachronistic alternate universe. A macabre mad scientist imposes his demonic influence on all who venture through. Screams of anguish are heard far and wide as he dismembers the limbs of those who journey into his crazed and sadistic world. A trapped life of suffering and pain awaits to those unwitting souls!

The Edge of Darkness & 44 Sins

Last but not least, the sixth zone, The Edge of Darkness – a street filled with damned souls, ancient mummies and tortured minions and the portal to hell – 44 Sins, guarded by the mighty Anubis. Judgment is made upon the soul, which if worthy, entry will be granted. Once inside, guests will be immersed in the most “hellacious” party on Earth.

Well, there is a 7th zone but it’s really up to YOU how much of a scare-labyrinth it will be, as it resides right here – in the comments segment below. Share your most terrifying/ near extra-terrestial encounters with us and the other readers as we usher in the Halloween weekend. Remember, terror knows no limit.

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