Who are the Flaming Flowers in Great World Cabaret?

Opening on 19 February 2015 at Resorts World Theatre, Great World Cabaret brings together music, dance, magic, comedy and family-friendly striptease in one wild, heady trip back into yesteryear Singapore.

The stars of this live theatrical variety performance are the Flaming Flowers–Rose Chan, Sakura Teng and Kartina Dahari. The three ladies are iconic figures in Singapore’s entertainment scene in the 1960s.

Great World Cabaret at Resorts World Sentosa
From left, Joanna Dong as Sakura Teng, Aisyah Aziz as Kartina Dahari and Seong Hui Xian as Rose Chan.

Let’s take a look at the colourful and illustrious careers of these cabaret and musical royalties.

Rose Chan: Queen of Striptease

Rose Chan
Rose Chan

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Rose Chan was known as the Queen of Striptease for her provocative shows. Rose became a cabaret dancer after her marriage as the fourth wife to a Singaporean harbour contractor ended.

Rose made the most of her skills and beauty during her cabaret days. She was runner-up in a ballroom dancing championship and was runner-up in the Miss Singapore Beauty Contest. Rose was a popular cabaret performer and started her own show in 1951 and toured Malaya.

Her famous striptease career was the result of an accidental wardrobe malfunction. During one of her shows, her bra snapped and the audience responded wildly. Ever the daredevil, she promptly added striptease into her routine.

Rose’s performances were daring even when compared to today’s standards. She had a famous python act where she wrestled with a large python. She would bend iron rods stuck to the base of her throat and let motorcycles ride over planks laid across her body.

In Great World Cabaret, you’ll see Seong Hui Xuan (Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles, Gruesome Playground Injuries) play the role of Rose Chan, complete with singing, dancing and *gasp* a family-friendly striptease.

Sakura Teng: Queen of A-go-go

Sakura Teng
Sakura Teng

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Sakura Teng was the A-go-go Queen during her heydeys. Sakura’s musical career began after a spontaneous performance on stage at the New World Amusement Park. The hall manager was so impressed with her that he offered her a job.

In a career spanning more than four decades, Sakura had 50 albums and sang in 11 languages. Most of her songs were accompanied by top guitar group The Quest, She is known for her yodelling.

Sakura immigrated to the United States in 1985. Due to her popularity, she has been performing on and off in Malaysia and Singapore. If you’re interested, you can catch Sakura (who’s now likely in her 60s) in Singapore as she’ll be performing with Zhang Di on 31 January 2015, 8pm, at Resorts World Theatre.

In Great World Cabaret, you can catch Joanna Dong (If There’re Seasons…, Forever) as Sakura Teng, and relive the A-go-go Queen’s dance moves and yodel skills.

Kartina Dahari: Queen of Keroncong

Kartina Dahari
Kartina Dahari

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Kartina Dahari was known as the Queen of Keroncong (a type of Malay folk music). At 14, Kartina recorded for keroncong group, Delima Orkes, at her friend’s invitation. Her performance was broadcasted on radio. After hearing the broadcast, her father forbade her from recording.

Three years later, Kartina was invited to sing for the group Melati Putih Hiburan which performed regularly on radio. This time, her father didn’t object as he felt that she was mature enough.

Kartina went on to become the first Malay singer in Singapore to record in English. Her first full-length album included Filipino tune Ikaw. In her career, she was highly sought after. Besides performing in Taiwan, she was invited to sing for royal families in Malaysia and foreign dignitaries who visited Singapore.

Kartina was always dressed in elegant Malay traditional outfits. She was her own stylist as she doesn’t trust anyone other than herself when it comes to clothing.

In Great World Cabaret, Aisyah Aziz (Akademi Fantasia 2013) will be playing the role of Kartina Dahari.

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