My first roller coaster ride on Revenge of the Mummy [Guest post]

How old were you when you took your first roller coaster ride?

revenge of the mummy

Our guest blogger, Hao Jie, took his very first roller coaster ride on Universal Studios Singapore’s Revenge of the Mummy in February 2011 at the age of 17. Here’s an excerpt from his blog post:

We all have to start somewhere. I must admit, I started late. Very late. Actually, I visited theme parks since I was really young (I can’t remember how young). I enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, the landscaping, everything. Everything except the big thrill rides. I don’t know why, but just looking at them makes me really petrified. Perhaps it was the rumbling and the noise, even when I am on other rides, I will look at these thrill rides in fear.

A launched coaster was supposed to be an ideal first coaster because of reduced anticipation, but the dark-ride portion (of Revenge of the Mummy) seemed to go on forever and ever. Then, all I could remember was that the ride accelerated and turned sharply as a door was about to slam shut on top of us. Oh gosh, even though this looked really slow on Youtube POVs, it already felt quite violent, and there is still a 72kph launch up ahead.

After the backwards part, the ride stopped onto a turntable. The moment I dreaded has finally, or so quickly arrived. I did not sign up for this. I either wanted time to stop right then and there or to instantly teleport me to when the ride is over. I could hear people screaming “no” with a wavering, helpless voice. I tried to keep within myself, as the vehicle nudged forward slightly. I leaned my head back, gripped the lap bar like the jaws of a great shark and closed my eyes. This is not happening. This is not happening.


In an instant, the entire world becomes a blur.

Read more at Hao Jie’s blog Second Drop.

Hao Jie (second from left) and his family at USS.
Hao Jie (second from left) and his family at USS.

By sharing his experience as a late bloomer for roller coasters, Hao Jie hopes that

  • those who still not dare take such rides would have a dose of confidence.
  • those who crave thrilling rides will empathise with those uncomfortable with roller coasters and not put pressure on them.

Read more of Hao Jie’s post at his blog Second Drop.

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