Green ways to ace your Halloween Horror Nights auditions

Find out more about auditions for Halloween Horror Night 6.

eco scares for Halloween Horror Nights 3

No we’re not talking about looking like the Swamp-Thing, we’re talking about eco-friendly ways to score for your Universal Studios Singapore® Halloween Horror Nights 3 auditions – if you want to dress up for it, that is. This means utilizing what you already have at home. We let our  Entertainment’s production and makeup team lead the way.


egg face paint

Combine egg white, corn flour and some water.

Sponge a layer of the mixture all over the face, apply a thin layer of cotton, and dab more mixture over it. Repeat till you get the texture desired. Once you get the desired texture, use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process and pat with more flour using cotton pads or a powder puff.


Coffee beard and shadows

coffee shadows

Mix Vaseline and coffee powder thoroughly together. If you don’t have Vaseline, cold cream will do. Make sure you use coffee granules and not 3-in-1 packets. If you don’t have coffee, use cocoa powder.  Smear over eyes, mouth area, and forehead to give a sunken effect. The coffee granules will look like little moles and warts.

step 2 of eco makeup

Bloody sweet
Honey blood

Add about 20 drops of red food colouring and half drop of blue to a cup of honey. If you can’t find dark honey, add a sprinkle of cocoa or coffee powder. Drip the blood from your mouth, nose, hairline. Best thing? It’s edible.

step 3 of eco steps

Trash bag hag

hag dress

Get creative and make a cape or if you want to be more elaborate, a trash bag dress. Just make sure you use  materials found at home.

Switch off your lights

Practice sitting and creeping around a dark room for half an hour everyday; switch off your lights and save mother earth at the same time. Costumes optional.

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