Is all that glisters…really not gold?

Late last month, Resorts World Sentosa welcomed two automated teller machines (ATMs) that dispense items made of… pure gold.

Yes, you read that right. The precious articles offered are from PAMP, one of the top 3 Swiss refiners and producers of Swiss fine gold in the world, offered at 24K 999.9 purity –widely accepted as the finest of pure gold.

However, instead of plain, boring pieces of gold that are just blah, the variety of products range from pure gold bars weighing anything between 1 to 10g, to customised gold coins and fine gold memorabilia. Fancy, huh?

Gold ATM at Resorts World Sentosa
Just another usual day, buying gold at an ATM.

With the SMART Gold ATM’s large Touch Screen 3D display that allows for 360 degree rotation of the products’ 3D image, you can see what they look like before making your purchase.

Buy gold from ATM at RWS
How about some True Happiness at just the touch of a button?

The SMART Gold ATM  also comes with an inbuilt ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that can make product recommendations based on your details such as gender, age group and recent purchases.

If you would like to gift your loved ones with the gold products, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Make your payment
  2. Enter the intended recipient’s email
  3. Record a video message using the camera on top of the SMART Gold ATM

The (very lucky) recipient then receives an email with a special PIN code and locations of the SMART Gold ATMs, where the gift can then be claimed.

100g gold from Gold ATM
Just look at it shine… Ah, the intricacy.

If you would like to check out the two SMART Gold ATMs, simply head on down to either:

The Rotunda (between Hotel Michael and Crockfords Tower), where you can find it at the back of Fernando Botero’s Adam and Eve sculpture, next to the cash-dispensing ATMs.

Gold ATM at The Rotunda
Gold ATM at The Rotunda

Porte Cochere (right outside the Galleria) – if you lose your way, just look out for Salvador Dalí’s Space Elephant sculpture. Now that is surely going to be difficult to miss.

Gold ATM at Porte Cochere, RWS
Gold ATM at Porte Cochere
About the author
Fion Chua is a Communications intern at Resorts World Sentosa.


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