Get wet with Adventure Cove Waterpark’s thrills and spills

Adventure Cove Waterpark Splashworks Jump pool
You jump, I jump.

Is life too short to stay dry? Some choose to go for dips in pools, but the easier alternative is really paying a visit to Adventure Cove Waterpark. The wet experience is an aquatic adventure which you’ll not regret getting completely drenched. Check out what’s in store below.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention – a quick rundown of what adventure-seekers must try. The Whirlpool Washout brings you on twists and turns, while the Riptide Rocket, Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, takes you through steep climbs and plunging drops.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Spiral Washout
Down the spiral funnel at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Snorkeling enthusiasts – meet over 20,000 fish at the Rainbow Reef, before being funneled into an oscillating tube at the Spiral Washout.

Splashworks at Adventure Cove Waterpark
Hanging on tight at Splashworks.

Feeling competitive? Challenge your friend to the Dueling Racer and boost your ego by plunging to the finish line first. Then head on over to Splashworks (operates from 12 noon to 4pm daily) to take on an obstacle course involving a balance beam, a cargo net and a tight rope.

You deserve a pat on your (wet) back if you complete this – trust us, we’ve seen guests huffing and panting. Nothing beats seeing the action, so view the clip below.

All ready to conjure some waves at Adventure Cove Waterpark? Remember to observe some basic DOs and DON’Ts, and you’re all set to get wet!

Adventure Cove Waterpark riptide rocket
It’s all smiles before the plunge.

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