5 reasons to watch GE TAI – The Musical


How would the glitz and glamour of getai translate onto the theatre? Find out when you watch GE TAI – The Musical which runs from 20 April to 29 May at Resorts World Theatre.

What is getai?

Getai, which means “song stage in Chinese”, is a live stage show that’s famous for dramatic costumes, loud music, energetic dancing and witty banter between the host and performers. It is usually staged during Chinese festivals such as the Hungry Ghost Festivals.

The show features famous local getai performers and international stars who will act, sing and dance their way through the musical in Resorts World Sentosa’s first Chinese original theatre production.

Expect the energy of a live getai performance, comedy, drama as the show brings you backstage and onstage of getai performers’ life.

The story is set in two different eras. In the current timeline, Hao Hao plays a newcomer from overseas who overcomes prejudice and discrimination from local performers to become popular with the Singapore audience. On his getai journey, he is inspired by Desmond Ng’s character, a local crowd-favourite, who experienced the same situation in the 1980s.

Whether you are a getai fan or not, here are five reasons why you should watch GE TAI – The Musical:


1. Watch many getai stars on the same stage

GE TAI - The Musical
Desmond Ng plays one of the leads in GE TAI – The Musical

A usual getai show features one performer for each segment. In the musical, you’ll be able to see them together on the same stage. The show features getai stars such as Desmond Ng, Hao Hao, Lin You Fa, Bao Bei Sisters and Tay Ying Ying.

For those unfamiliar with the getai scene,

  • Desmond Ng was the winner of Channel 8’s GeTai Challenge – The Ultimate Battle in 2015.
  • Hao Hao was named the best male getai singer at the annual Shin Min-Wanbao Getai Awards 2014.
  • Sibling duo Bao Bei Sisters have been in the getai scene since 1997 and they won the Most Popular Female Singer award at the Singapore Ge-tai award in 2013.
  • Lin You Fa is a veteran DJ and host.
  • Tay Ying Ying is known for her comedic hosting on the getai stage.

Getai veteran and local TV star Marcus Chin will be the advisor the musical will be authentic to the grassroot art form.

2. Appearances by international singers

Besides our local performers, you’ll see international stars such as Zhuang Xue Zhong (庄学忠), Sakura Teng (樱花), Yang Xiao Ping (杨小萍), Zhang Di (张帝), Cai Qiu Feng (蔡秋凤) and Qing Shan (青山). Every week, one of the superstars will appear on the show, acting as themselves and singing their hit songs.

20 – 24 April: Zhuang Xue Zhong 莊学忠
29 April – 02 May: Sakura Teng 樱花
06 – 08 May: Yang Xiao Ping 杨小萍
13 – 15 May: Zhang Di 张帝
20 – 22 May: Cai Qiu Feng 蔡秋凤
27 – 29 May: Qing Shan 青山

3. Backed by Singapore theatre veterans

For such a local theme, we’ve got on board a team of Singapore theatre veterans to create the show. Director Jalyn Han was involved in Beauty World and the movie Judgement Day. The script is written by local playwright Jonathan Lim who created CHESTNUTS, Singapore’s very first and longest running parody show (since 1996).

4. Fantastic costumes and set design

Hao Hao plays himself in GE TAI - The Musical.
Hao Hao plays a character with a similar background in GE TAI – The Musical.

Getai costumes are known for being over the top. Be prepared to see some dazzling costumes in the musical as costuming is led by Fredrick Lee who designed Miss Universe Singapore’s national costume in 2015.

The set and props are designed by Christopher Chua and Chan Lee Lee who are experienced artists in the local theatre scene.

5. Music and laughter

What’s a musical/getai without songs? Long-time getai goers will find familiar getai classics at the show. The cast will be dressed in glitzy costumes to sing classics like Cupid (爱神), Passionate Desert (热情的沙漠) and Hokkien crowd-favourite Fight to Win (爱拼才会赢).

Music is set by Xin Yao (a uniquely Singapore genre of Chinese songs composed and sung by Singaporeans) veteran and music director Jiu Jian who will also be composing three brand new songs for this musical.

Expect lots of laugh with the script by Jonathan Lim and the comedic hosting of Desmond Lin You Fa and Tay Ying Ying in the show.

This is a show both for fans of getai and musicals. Don’t miss it during its five-week run at Resorts World Theatre.


Get your tickets to GE TAI – The Musical

Date: 20 April – 29 May
Time: Fri: 8pm; Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm (Except 28 May, Sat: 4pm & 8pm)
Venue: Resorts World Theatre
Price*: VIP: S$98, CAT 1: S$88, CAT 2: S$68, CAT3: S$48, CAT 4: S$38#
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