G-DRAGON hologram concert now at K-live Sentosa

G-DRAGON Singapore K-live Sentosa
This is what a G-DRAGON fan looks like. Are you one too?

G-DRAGON fans, you can catch his concert every day at K-Live Sentosa. Well, his hologram concert that is.

As part of its half-yearly content refresh, the hologram theatre is screening G-DRAGON’s ‘AWAKE’ Hologram Concert which includes a song line up of:

  • Heartbreaker
  • Crayon + Fantastic Baby (Mix)
  • Who you?
  • Crooked

Experiencing the hologram concert

The 40-minute show starts with the story of how G-DRAGON (real name Kwon Ji-yong) got his start from a precocious kid to the lead of BIG BANG and being a solo artist.

Then comes the actual concert, which is unlike any concerts you’d have seen.

The hologram projection of G-DRAGON is very real but the singer takes advantage of the technology to interact with the environment in ways that are not possible in real life.

For example, he could make other dancers disappear with a wave of his hand. Or he could vanish into thin air at the end of a song.

Be serenaded by G-DRAGON

If you’re lucky, you can be on stage as G-DRAGON serenades you. During the break-up song “Who you?”, an audience member is invited to stand at a special corner.

Using teleprescence technology, an image of the audience member is projected on stage and it really looks like G-DRAGON is singing to them. 

The show ends with a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the hologram concert.

G-DRAGON fans shouldn’t miss this show.

Catch other JYP artists at K-live Sentosa


Besides G-Dragon, you can still catch the concert of JYP artists such as 2PM, Wonder Girls and GOT7. These concerts are paired with either a 10-minute magic show or hip hop dance KRUMP.

The song line up includes ‘I feel you’ by Wonder Girls, ‘Hands up’ & ‘My house’ by 2PM, ‘Just right’ & ‘Girls girls girls’ & ‘Stop stop it’ by GOT7

Here’s K-live Sentosa’s schedule:

  • 10am to 10.40am – JYP Nation + Magic Show
  • 11am to 11.40am – JYP Nation + Magic Show
  • 12pm to 12.40pm – JYP Nation + KRUMP
  • 1pm to 1.40pm – G-DRAGON AWAKE
  • 2pm to 2.40pm – G-DRAGON AWAKE
  • 3pm to 3.40pm – JYP Nation + KRUMP
  • 5pm to 5.40pm – G-DRAGON AWAKE
  • 7pm to 7.40pm – G-DRAGON AWAKE
  • 8pm to 8.40pm – JYP Nation + KRUMP

Take photos with your favourite idols

Besides attending the concerts, don’t miss out on the Star Photo Zone and merchandise store at K-Live Sentosa.

The Star Photo Zone is a photo booth where you can create photos that look like you’re posing with your favourite idols from 2PM, Wonder Girls and GOT7. Choose one of your photos and get them printed for $12.

 enjoy $10 for Star Photo Zone printout.


k-live sentosa photo zone

k-live photo zone

The merchandise store includes merch from GOT7, BIG BANG and more.

K-live sentosa merchandise

K-Live Sentosa merchandise

The merchandise store includes posters, neck cushions, stationery from bands such as GOT7, BIG BANG and more.

Welcome to K-live Sentosa

k-live map

Address: RWS Waterfront. Between Missha and Trick Eye Museum and Malaysian Food Street.

Opening hours: Daily 10am to 9pm (Last Admission: 8pm)

Phone: +65 6684 9832

Grab your tickets to K-Live Sentosa

Ticket Type Adult
(Ages 13 to 59)
(Ages 4 to 12) and
(Ages 60 and above)
JYP Nation + Magic Show or KRUMP $24 $16 BOOK NOW
K-Live + S.E.A. Aquarium bundle $39 $29 BOOK NOW
K-Live + Adventure Cove Waterpark bundle $39 $29 BOOK NOW


Tickets are available for both online and on-site purchase at the K-live Sentosa booth.

Student Pass (Ages 13 to 19)
G-DRAGON AWAKE $23 JYP Nation + Magic Show/JYP Nation + KRUMP $20

Note: Only available for on-site purchase at the K-live Sentosa booth with a valid student ID.

RWSinvitesMembers  enjoy 15% Invites$ rebate on regular priced day passes to K-Live Sentosa.
[8 Aug] Included details of G-DRAGON Hologram concert.
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