How to use FUJIFILM Year Album to save your memories

How many photos do you take each day? How about during your visits to attractions at Resorts World Sentosa? We bet there’s a lot.

With photos going digital, we rarely have the chance to share our memories with others unless we pass around our phones or post it on social media.

If you wish to have your memories physically in your hands in the form of a photo album, FUJIFILM Year Album makes this process easier for you. There’s no need to go back to the dark ages of printing selecting photos, printing them out and manually arranging them in an album. The service automatically arranges the photos in a pleasing layout.


You can create the FUJIFILM Year Album at home or at shops. [Here’s a list of shops that can help you with this.] Take a look at the price of the album depending on the size and number of pages.

FUJIFILM is offering a 25 % discount to RWScoop readers who purchase the FUJIFILM Year Album online. Details below.

RWScoop tried out the software at home to see how we can make this process even easier for you.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

The software is easy to use. Here’s how the album-creation flow works:

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 1 Download and install the software

You will need to download the software from the FUJIFILM website. During installation, the computer prompted us to update our .NET Framework. This process took a while before we could use the software.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 2 Sign up for a FUJIFILM account

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 3 Select the time period you want for your album

Choose the dates of the photos you want to include.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

The program will ask which folder the photos are located. You can also connect your phone for the program to choose from your phone’s photo collection.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 4 Choose the number of pages and the size of your album

An A5 Album is easier to store while an A4 album is easier to look at.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 5 Wait for the program to generate your album

Turn down the volume on your computer now because there will be loud music playing while the program chooses the photos to include in the album.

This process will take time, depending on how many photos you have.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

Step 6 Check out your album

Once the program has created the album, take a look at it. If you don’t like the photos that have been selected, you can swap them with others.

The software is very good at choosing photographs with people in it. So you don’t have to worry that your lunch Instagram photos will appear here (unless that’s what you want in which case you’ll need to manually add them in).

fujifilm uss

You can also add virtual stickers on your pages.

There is also a Main Character Settings so the photos focus on a particular person. Here’s how to set up the Main Character Settings (image below):

  1. Set up the main character album.
  2. Set up the person as minor characters in the album.
  3. The person will not be included in the album but he/she might appear in photos where he/she is with the main character.
  4. Selecting “Standard photo selection and layout” will not prioritise any one person. Images with many people, for example group pictures, will more likely be prioritised.

How to use FUJIFILM Year Album at home

You can also take a look at all pages of the photos to get a feel of what the completed album will look like.

You can edit the cover colour, the page colour and the title and subtitle of the album.

fujifilm cover edit

Step 6 Pay for the album

Once you’re satisfied with your album, you can make payment.

The album will be available in approximately eight working days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

You can either pick up the album from one of these FUJIFILM authorised shops for S$2 or have the album delivered to your house for S$6.50.

What we like about FUJIFILM Year Album


What we like about the program is that it’s really good at picking out photos with human faces in it. However, if there are duplicate photos (or similar looking photos of your 10 selfies), these might appear together on the same page. You’ll need to manually replace photos in this case.

You can test run the photo album creation before deciding if you want to pre-select photos. Pre-selecting photo also helps cut down on the program’s time to scan your photos if you’re short on time.

FUJIFILM Year Album promo

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