Fratelli weekend specials: food great for sharing at RWS

Not sure where to go for a nice dinner in Singapore? Looking for an authentic Italian restaurant? Fratelli at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) might be just the place you’re looking for. Be it a romantic dinner date or a family meal to celebrate a special occasion, Fratelli promises a night to remember with its new line-up of weekend specials comprising bona fide Italian dishes that are great for sharing (some of which with table side service where chefs demonstrate their culinary prowess before your very eyes!)

A refined Italian dining experience

Fratelli Weekend Specials

Helmed by the Cerea brothers from Italy’s 3 Michelin-starred Da Vittorio, Fratelli guarantees that these weekend specials will be prepared in ways that adhere closely to the Cerea family culinary philosophy. This means that every dish you get draws from a rich, authentic Italian heritage that has been passed down through the generations.

Part of this philosophy is to use only the freshest premium ingredients which, in the case of the weekend specials at Fratelli, includes seasonal truffles imported from Italy, marbled Wagyu from Australia and live lobsters from Canada.

In essence, prepare to be wowed.

Ongoing weekend specials

Filetto di Manzo Servito con Scaloppa di Fegato Grasso alla “Rossini” (S$78)

Fratelli Weekend Specials

A pan-seared Angus beef tenderloin served in a Marsala wine sauce ‘Rossini’ style, this is a signature dish from Da Vittorio that’s paired with foie gras escalope, black truffle shavings, toasted brioche bread and crispy potatoes. The best part? You won’t have to fly all the way to Italy to try it!

Risotto Oro Nero (S$42)

Fratelli Weekend Specials

A classic Carnaroli risotto served in squid ink sauce and topped with baby squid, red prawns, white clams, Sicilian Mussels, trout roe, and vine cherry tomatoes, this dish is sprinkled with edible gold powder and olive oil to form a gold liquid that perfectly juxtaposes the black risotto, giving it an ambrosial (‘fit for the gods’) effect.

P.s. it makes for an extremely luxe Instagram shot, so don’t forget to snap a few photos before digging in – likes guaranteed.

Weekend specials served on a rotational basis


Fratelli Weekend Specials

This grilled beef steak served with Marsala sauce, vegetables and roasted potatoes are available in the following cuts: T-Bone (400gm; S$108), Angus Beef Porterhouse (800gm; S$208) and Wagyu OP Ribs (1.2kg; S$288). Guests have the option of adding shaved truffles based on seasonal market prices.

Tagliolini all’Astice

Fratelli Weekend Specials

A homemade Tagliolini pasta served with Boston lobster in light spicy tomato sauce, guests may choose to have it with a half lobster (300gm; S$68) or a whole lobster (600gm; S$88).

Orecchia d’Elefante alla Milanese 

Fratelli Weekend Specials                                        

This Grissini breadstick breaded veal rack “Elephant Ear” Milanese style (shallow fried in clarified butter to add a fragrant crisp) is one of Da Vittorio’s most famous dishes that you can get here in Singapore. Served alongside roasted potatoes, Pachino tomatoes and lemon, choose between a 600gm (S$108) or 1.2kg (S$188) rack. Due to the exclusivity of the special cut of ribs used, guests are strongly encouraged to order this whenever available.

Cacciucco alla “Fratelli” (serves 2; S$98)

Fratelli Weekend Specials

A Fratelli style seafood stew of langoustine, red prawn “Mazara del Vallo”, white clams, Sicilian mussels, baby squids, baby octopus and cod in a rich tomato sauce, served with toasted homemade ciabatta bread.

Treccia e Prosciutto (S$48)

Fratelli Weekend Specials              

3kg Puglia’s braid mozzarella served with 18-month cured Carpegna ham. A vegetarian option (S$38) without Carpegna ham is also available.

Risotto Zafferano, Gamberi e Stracciatella (S$42)

Fratelli Weekend Specials

A classic Carnaroli risotto served with Sardinian saffron pistils, lime-marinated red prawn “Mazara del Vallo”, stracciatella cheese and air of bisque.

Raviolone di Ricotta e Spinaci, Tuorlo d’Uovo e Tartufo Nero (S$42)

Fratelli Weekend Specials

Homemade raviolo filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, topped with a free range egg yolk, Emmental cheese and black truffle shavings.

Portions are limited, so call us to pre-order today!

To avoid disappointment, guests are advised to make a phone inquiry on the availability of the above specials before heading down to the restaurant.

Even the ongoing weekend specials are of limited portions on a first come first served basis each week – so do drop us a call to make a pre-order in either case.

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