Three-star Michelin Chef Roberto Cerea unveils Fratelli’s new menu

Italian celebrity chef Roberto Cerea of three-star Michelin restaurant Da Vittorio in Lombardy, arrives in Singapore to launch a new menu at Fratelli – Trattoria • Pizzeria.

Da Vittorio is one of only eight restaurants in Italy to receive the coveted three Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide Italy 2017.

Fratelli’s latest menu comprises new and signature creations from Da Vittorio, with a creative, contemporary take on Italian classics, using the finest ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe.

These include burrata cheese from Puglia, Ciliegino tomatoes from Sicily, seasonal truffles from Alba Umbria and Abruzzo, Pio Tosini’s 20 months cured artisanal Parma ham which is considered Italy’s best, as well as Mazara del Vallo red prawns from Sicily.

Here are some signature dishes to try.

At Pizzeria

Pizza Oro Nero

Da Vittorio in Italy built its reputation on its excellent seafood dishes, and this is reflected in the updated selection of handcrafted gourmet pizzas at Fratelli, including this Pizza Oro Nero.

The squid ink tomato sauce base is topped with scamorza cheese, cured cod fish ‘Baccalà’, white clams, Sicilian mussels, trout roe, plus a dusting of decadent gold powder before being baked to a perfect crisp in the wood-fired oven.

Build Your Own Pizza

If you’re still searching for the perfect pizza, you’ll find it right here at Fratelli. Select a basic Margherita pizza, then top it up with your choice of over a dozen lavish ingredients, such as black truffle shavings, Parma ham, Puglia’s soft burrata, Fontina cheese, homemade sausages, and clams.

At Trattoria

Homemade square spaghetti pasta “Chitarra” served with braised beef short ribs ragout & black truffle shavings

Fratelli’s handmade fresh pastas pay homage to the age old Italian culinary traditions. With the restaurant’s open kitchen situated near the dining tables, you can witness the visual spectacle of Fratelli’s chefs making pasta by hand.

This particular pasta is made with a special ‘guitar’ pasta-making tool that gives it a square shape and extra chewiness. The pasta is infused with the robust flavours of braised beef short ribs, and the piquant aroma of black truffles.

Paccheri alla Vittorio

Based on an heirloom recipe of the Cerea family, this pasta deviates from the classic pasta al pomodoro by using a thicker tube pasta, different varieties of Italian tomatoes, and crafted using a secret technique. This dish will be cooked right before your eyes on a trolley using a copper pan – the same way it is served in Da Vittorio. A true feast for the senses.

Aragosta, crema di Avocado al Wasabi & mousse di Peperoni

This contemporary creation adds a mild spicy twist of wasabi to the familiar sweet succulence of Boston lobster. The tomatoes are marinated with herbs, salt and olive oil before being slow dried in the oven for eight hours, resulting in a burst of full-bodied tangy sweetness with every bite.

Rossella’s Strawberry Planet

Fratelli Strawberry Planet

Like a mysterious treasure chest, this beautifully dramatic dessert is a new creation by Chef Roberto’s sister Rossella. The meringue sphere is smashed upon serving to reveal the gems within – a strawberry dessert done in a medley of textures.

Milanese Veal Cutlet

Fratelli Milanese Veal Cutlet

This is not on the regular menu, but highly recommended when it’s available. After all, it is one of Da Vittorio’s most famous dishes.

This incredibly tender, lean and flavourful veal cutlet uses only a specific cut of ribs from milk-fed Dutch veal. The ribs are tenderized, coated with breadcrumbs and breadsticks, and shallow fried in clarified butter before being served on the bone with baked tomatoes, potatoes and lemons. Due to the exclusivity of the ribs, this dish is only available periodically (mostly weekends). So check with the staff if you’re keen.

The new menu is available from today, 21 June 2017.

Fratelli – Trattoria • Pizzeria

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