Forest森 salmon fruity vegetable yu sheng for the Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year celebrations involve feasting. Lots and lots of it.

How do you keep to your healthy eating resolutions during this time? Eat healthier version of food.

Celebrity Chef Sam Leong had this in mind when he created Forest森’s Salmon Fruity Vegetable Yu Sheng. “The inspiration for this dish was to provide a healthier alternative to the traditional yu sheng,” he said.

Instead of the usual coloured pickled vegetables, the yu sheng uses many different types of fruits and vegetables, including guava, honeydew, jackfruit, sweet corn, and organic purple cabbage. The final product is a magnificent mountain of crunchy, healthy yu sheng.

In this video, Chef Sam Leong demonstrates how he makes the dish which is also a favourite of his in the Lunar New Year Menu.

Chef Sam Leong also shared his memories of the Lunar New Year.

Q: What were your fondest memories of Lunar New Year?

When I was young, I looked forward to receiving ‘ang pow’ from my relatives. I also look forward to drinking F&N Orange and Fanta as back then, it was an once a year affair.

After becoming a chef at 16 years old, how do you usually spend your Lunar New Year?

The moment I became a chef, I have never formally celebrated the Lunar New Year as Chinese kitchens tend to be very busy. Usually when I come back from work, it is about 1am in the morning. I never cook for myself during the Lunar New Year as there is no time, but I bring some food back from the kitchen for the family to enjoy.

What do you look forward to during the Lunar New Year?

In the restaurant, to see diners toss their yu sheng, enjoying their food and having a good time.

Come try Chef Sam Leong’s masterpiece Salmon Fruity Vegetable Yu Sheng. The dish is available only by reservations, call 6577 6688 or email


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