13 ways to tell it’s football season

If you are allergic to sports like I am, sports seasons pass by like flu season: You don’t actually know that it’s happening until people around you start talking about it, next thing you know you’re affected one way or another.

In case your sports immune system is strong, here’s a list to help you spot the signs that football season is happening so you can try to blend in.

1. You are woken up in the middle of the night by screams (of victory or frustration).


2. The sports section expands to half of the entire newspaper’s content.



3. You are forced to listen to conversations about balls.

4. Your BFFs ignore you to watch football.

5. In retaliation, you ignore your BFFs when their favourite team wins.

6. People start wearing football jerseys on casual Fridays.

7. Sleep-deprived people walk into lamp posts (and get mad about it).


8. People drink copious amount of coffee.

Drinking coffee


9. They get high on coffee.


10. When the coffee stops working, they fall asleep at their desk.

11. More people take MC. Seriously, just the day after a match?

12. Restaurant menus become football-themed which is basically gibberish to a non-football fan.

13. Every eatery with a big TV announces that it is screening live matches.


BONUS! Some sea creature pops up to predict football match results.

Pernas the Octopus at S.E.A. Aquarium has been busy predicting football match results.


Football screening at RWS

For football fans who have rolled your eyes reading this blog post, we’re happy to announce that Michael Lounge at Hotel Michael is extending its regular operation hours and will be screening live matches from Brazil.

Here’s the schedule:

Other establishments in the Resort are also serving football-themed food before matches so you can fill your tummies before the fun begins.

Hotel Michael Signature Pizza

Are you one of the people negatively affected by football season? Share your funniest experience in the comments below.

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