[FOOD] K: Kopi (coffee)


Malaysian Food Street drink stall
"Petaling Jaya Dim Sum and Drinks" at the Malaysian Food Street. Munch on traditional old-school thick-sliced kaya toast here too.

You can almost say that finding a spot to lim kopi (or ‘drink coffee’ in an amalgamation of Hokkien and Malay) is a pastime of most Singaporeans. Best savoured in at least groups of two or more, it can be a nice solitary event as well if you’re feeling pensive. We dug out spots where you can nurse a cup or two.

1. Malaysian Food Street

Ahhh what is better than coffee done coffee-shop style? Thick and aromatic, the way the beans are roasted that gives it a distinctly rich flavour. Our personal favourite is the kopi-peng, or iced coffee. But this kopi-c is what we’d will call ‘power max’ – really good. It’s a nice kick without being too cloyingly sweet and milky.

Kopi C from Malaysian Food Street at RWS

The teh-peng or iced milk tea is great as well, if you’re not a fan of kopi per se. The stall sells other favourites like air mata kuching (or longan juice) and lime juice.

Prices start from $1.50 for regular kopi and $1.60 for kopi-c.

2. Celebrity Café and Bakery

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery at Universal Studios Singapore at RWS

Remember that feeling of being able to run around all day trying out everything at the theme park – twice? Yeah, neither do we. With our creaky joints and lack of young energy, we’re crawling around looking for a watering hole in less than five hours. This is when the Celebrity Café and Bakery feels like an oasis. Drop by for a hot cup of coffee; we love the fresh taste. The interior of the cafe makes for a welcome respite from the heat and the noise too. Don’t forget to dig into the cakes – nothing refuels tired bones like Blackforest cake.

Prices start from $3.90 for an Americano.

3. Boulangerie

Coffee at Boulangerie at RWS

We got excited about the almost flat-rate prices; nearly all their beverages go at about $6.00 (before tax) each. Situated at the lobby of Festive Hotel and at one end of the shopping belt (the Galleria) Boulangerie might seem like a place to pass by but in our opinion, you’d be missing out on some great sips. We tried the Ice Blended Café Mocha and were blown away by the smooth flavours; you can taste everything in equal measure, the tang of coffee and the sweet lick of chocolate.

Ice Blended Cafe Mocha at Boulangerie at RWS

Prices start at $6.00 ++ for drinks and $6.80 ++ for cakes.

4. Toast Box

In our opinion, the best place in the resort to get your peanut toast to go along with your kopi. Satisfyingly aromatic, our only qualm was the small cup it’s served in – not nearly enough if you’re really hankering after volume.

Toast Box kopi

Prices start from $1.60 for their regular kopi.

5. (UPDATE) Starbucks Reserve Store just opened

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with a cup of Starbucks. Check out the post here.


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