Five weirdest aphrodisiacs

In our previous foodie blog post, we talked about how Singaporeans love buffets more than making babies. Sad but true.


And after receiving an unprecedented barrage of “how-to-you-know-what” emails, RWScoop decided to write this post to aid the nation’s ailing birth rate; or you might just remain totally abstinent from sex. In no particular order and all equally gross, here are the top five most disgusting aphrodisiacs.

1. Spanish fly

You know what happened in this movie. (c) 20th Century Fox
You know what happened in this movie. (c) 20th Century Fox

How would you like your fly, sir? No, we are serious, a fly. We don’t care if the fly has a nationality or if it’s actually a beetle because it is definitely not created for human consumption. Imagine you feeding bugs to your partner while… Ok, stop it.

2. Balut

So explicit that we have to use this image.
So explicit that we have to use this image.

While it is considered a delicacy in the Philippines, please count us out on this one (we’ll stick to good ol’ chocolate anytime). Actually, barring the nearly developed duck or chicken embryo inside, this horrifying thing people call an aphrodisiac is actually an egg, which is said to possess Viagra-like properties. Now, eating a fetus will help get a baby? Stop it, pass us the bucket.

3. Ambergris

No words.
No words.

Introducing the mother lode of this cursed list – the ambergris, the waxy discharge produced by the digestive system of a sperm whale. Often used in perfumes because of its ability to retain a scent, some people think it’s a good way to keep the love-making going. Sure, whatever rocks their boat.

4. Tiger penis

For the record, I'm not for consumption.
For the record, I’m not for consumption.

And the weird genitalia associations continue with the tiger penis. How is eating a tiger penis got to do with erectile dysfunction? Worst still, many tigers are killed just to feed this unproven method of sexual potency. The demand is pushing the tiger nearer to extinction and you still ain’t getting any action.

5. Rhino horn

Then this must work too.
Then this must work too.

Rounding up this weird list is the rhino horn, which is actually used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for fever. Apparently, some smarty pants think the horn will make one really horny. Like the tiger, the poaching of rhino horn has led to the deaths of hundreds of rhinos a year. Luckily, most Asian governments have banned the sale and use of rhino horn. We are just thankful that the unicorn remains a mythical creature.

But who needs these aphrodisiacs when there’s the RWS Food Affair? Now now, we don’t condone going astray on your significant other but any hanky panky with real food is more than encouraged. Now, go forth and multiply. Do it for the nation. Better yet, do it at the Food Affair.

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