How to find your love at Resorts World Sentosa

Single on Valentine’s Day? Fret not. Why not use this opportunity to meet other singles? Who knows, this might be your last #foreveralone V-Day?

We give you an insider list on the different kinds of singles you might meet (and be interested in) at RWS.

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Dating agency GaiGai is organising a pre-Valentine’s Day event at S.E.A. Aquarium: LOVE @ S.E.A.A. (Singles Only Party) on 12 Feb.
Maybe you’ll meet someone special there.

1. The Energy Rabbit

RWS Adventure Cove Waterpark
You will see this person hanging out near the thrill rides in Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove Waterpark. They are the ones who go on the rides non-stop and will immediately rush to queue again once it ends. Perfect if you are a laid-back person who needs the extra push of energy to get going. Opposites attract, right?

2. The Beach Bod

woman running

Photo Credit: Mike Baird

After months of working those abs, pecs and biceps, these people have a body to die for, and they know it. No surprise if they flaunt it. Most likely to be seen inside Adventure Cove Waterpark. Only gym enthusiasts need apply.

3. The Joker

These people will try to challenge every single rule, and end up getting told off by others. Then again, life would be so mundane without a little mischief. They’ll be a great companion if you’re the kind who’s always up for a dare. But just remember that safety rules are there for a reason.

4. The Selfie

 selfie at USS

They have mastered the art of using a selfie stick, are selfie-ready all the time and can be found anywhere these days. They have also perfected the duck face and know the precise angle for the best shot… of themselves. If you see them, immediately escape. (Or join them.)

5. The Fearless

Revenge of The Mummy
Nothing fazes them. All roller coaster rides are too ‘chicken’ for them. They have perfected their roller coaster poses while other people would be screaming their heads off. Suitable for the competitive. You can challenge each other to come up with most creative and mind-blowing roller coaster poses!

6. The Pit Stopper

Taking a break
You know the saying ‘Young at Heart’? Well, it doesn’t apply to them. They need a break after every ride and would call the boundless thrill seekers “youngsters these days”. Definitely not for the Energy Rabbit. But on the bright side, Pit Stoppers make good conversation partners. All those constant pit stops are actually great opportunities to get to know each other better!

7. The Cameraman

camera man at uss
In this day and age, someone with a DSLR camera would mean they aren’t a Selfie (see above). Which means, they attempt to take professional-looking photos. Which then means that they would make great partners for those who like to take their outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) shots (you Selfie, you)! You are likely to get good quality OOTD photos with a nice, unexpected background. We are not judging.

There could be more kinds of people that are suitable for you. Why not find out for yourself here at RWS?

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