Feng Shui Inn’s healthy take on Cantonese cuisine


Honey Glazed Crocodile Belly - 蜂蜜烧鳄鱼腩
Honey Glazed Crocodile Belly

One usually wouldn’t consider Cantonese cuisine to be healthy but with Chef Yip Cheung Shui at the helm, expect the improbable.

In the third and final part of this 9week food promotion (15 April to 5 May) at Feng Shui Inn, Chef Yip introduces dishes specially designed for health-conscious Singaporeans.

Inspired by the healing principles of Chinese food therapy, which he learnt back in his hometown of Guangzhou, foodies can enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine with a healthy twist. For instance, the 5-course menu includes exotic meats like alligator meat, which is supposedly good for people suffering from asthma.

Other tasty mains include Sri Lankan crab cooked with truffle and barley, stewed fresh lobster balls with Chinese herbs ‘Fuling’ served with sweet corn sauce as well as the stir-fried sliced tender and juicy wagyu beef that comes with sweet pumpkin and assorted dates.

Here are two star dishes specially tweaked to suit local taste buds that you definitely have to try.

Sautéed Minced Sri Lankan crab with Truffle and Barley

Sautéed Minced Sri Lankan crab with Truffle and Barley

Served in a thin and crispy cracker bowl, we love the crunchy texture of the barley and how it complements the tender, minced Sri Lankan crab perfectly. On top of providing texture, barley also contains antioxidants, which is good for the skin. Consider us sold.

À la carte price: $38 per serving

Honey Glazed Crocodile Belly

Honey-Glazed Crocodile Belly at FSI

It might sound exotic but alligator meat actually tastes familiar. Imagine eating a leaner and slightly chewier piece of char siew, that’s how this dish tastes like. The sweet honey sauce and crocodile belly are made for each other. Do you know that alligator meat is also one of the most efficient sources of protein? Wonderful.

À la carte price: $48 per serving

5-course set menu

A 5-course set menu featuring dishes like the stewed lobster with Chinese herbs ‘Fuling’ with sweet corn sauce, crispy-fried giant cod with a dash of fresh lime juice, honey glazed crocodile belly, sautéed minced Sri Lankan crab with truffle and barley, and nutritious herbal poached egg.

Price: $118++ per person with a minimum order of 2 set meals. RWS Invites members dine free with every 3 paying guests.

For reservations, call 6577 6599.


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