Facebook Fans’ Day Out 3: N.E.S.T. Recruit Training

If you were at the resort on 2 December at approximately 2 pm, you probably saw 26 people (sporting Autobot t-shirts and a lanyard with a TRANSFORMERS The Ride tag) running like their life depended on it. And as frantic as they look, they weren’t trying to escape resort security. Or worse, Megatron.

Nope, they were actually RWS Facebook fans on our third FB Fans’ Day Out, and this time round it was for the world premiere of TRANSFORMERS The Ride. Their mission of the day? Complete a very unique ‘scan’venger hunt. What in the name of Cybertron is a ‘scan’venger hunt, you ask? Here’s a hint: take the term ‘scan’ in ‘scan’venger literally.

Imagine a scavenger hunt with a twist; each of the 10 checkpoints of the game had a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone with a QR scanner, revealed the clue to the next checkpoint. For those of you who don’t know what a QR code looks like:

If you have a QR code scanner on your mobile phones, go ahead and give this a scan.

As enthusiastic as ever, our fans took to the challenge with great gusto. We’re pretty certain we’ve never seen so many people scurrying all over the resort before, and in record time as well (the first team managed to clear all 10 checkpoints in an impressive 25 minutes!) If you ask any of our 26 N.E.S.T. recruits, they’ll probably tell you that they’ve never sweat this much around RWS – ever.

But the rewards were sweet; after an afternoon of hunting, the top 3 teams won some enviable prizes (merchandise from the TRANSFORMERS Supply Vault), and all were treated to a ride on EVAC and a chance to attend the press conference with the one and only Michael Bay.

Here’s a look at what went down that day.


Soldiers attending pre-game briefing by the game master.
Effective hunting 101: Beyond scanning your first clue, discuss tactics before setting off.
Trying out different tactics is also important: single-person scanning vs group scanning.
When you’re confident, strolling to your next checkpoint is allowed.


A puzzle with the biggest hint on your t shirt is not a puzzle at all.


A mission is a tiring thing, so soldiers need to re-fuel...


… And also win some prizes for a job well done.


Young soldiers hunted bravely too, but were more impatient for The Ride than anything else!


Anticipating the arrival of Michael Bay.


Man of the hour.


Michael Bay with USS Park Operations VP John Hallenbeck (left) and Universal Creative SVP, Thierry Coup.
After the ride: happy soldiers.


Ending everything with EVAC, who (very graciously) posed for a photo with our 26 brave soldiers.

Here’s a recap of the action:



RWS Facebook Fans’ Day Out is a treat organized for active fans of RWS’ facebook page, to express our gratitude for all their support. Usually held in conjunction with a major event, a few ‘headhunted’ fans will get exclusive previews and goodies for being ardent supporters.  


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