F: Resort Freebies

Fountain at the Bullring
It may be free, but it’s tonnes of fun to just let go and frolick at the fountain at the Bullring.

They say the good things in life are free. We agree, which is why we went around the Resort scouting for freebies that everyone can enjoy. And boy did we have fun; it’s called a national pastime for a reason after all. Here are a few things that we found.

1. Night shows

Almost everyone loves a free show, if the crowds gathered around buskers at Orchard road are anything to go by. Here at the Resort we have two of these delights: the Crane Dance and the Lake of Dreams. Our favourite part of the Crane Dance – a love story between a pair of mechanical cranes – has undoubtedly got to be the sheer size of the steel cranes. And we never thought something that huge and machine-like could be so cute. Even if moving mechanics isn’t your cup of tea, the water illusions and light shows that accompany it might soften it up for you.

Crane Dance at RWS

Happens 9 pm on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and the eve of Public Holidays. For more information check out the show calendar.

After watching cranes fall in love, we head over to the Lake of Dreams at Festive Walk, designed by 4-time Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton. A spectacle of flaming dragons, water cannons, and laser special effects, remember to set your camera to multi-shot to capture the show; we did and almost frame was gorgeous.

Every Night, 9:30 pm at FestiveWalk™

Lake of Dreams at RWS

2. Parking

We got positively excited at this freebie (and shared a bit of a giggle). Sadly, none of us are drivers. For those of you who are RWS Invites members (and drivers), lunch time is sweeter because parking is free from 10am to 4pm every weekday. Members also enjoy a flat rate per entry of $6 every Sunday from 7 am to 7 am the next day. If you fancy having a bite of Australia’s innovative culinary servings at Osia or Cantonese delicacy at Feng Shui Inn, take advantage of this lunch time parking.

3. Coffee and tea on the house

coffee and tea at RWS

Again with RWS Invites, you’ll get free coffee and tea whenever you dine in at any participating restaurant and flash your Invites card. This includes Boulangerie, Festive Lounge, Fiesta, Fish and Crab Shack, Palio, Starz, The Rock Bar, and Tangerine. At  Universal Studios Singapore it’s KT’s Grill, Hollywood China Bistro and Celebrity Café, and at the Marine Life Park it’s the Grotto (opening soon).

4. Your USS soda? It’s refillable

tumblers from USS

It’s not something that many people know – those huge, adorable soda-filled tumblers that you get for your kids (okay, for yourself) when you’re gallivanting about Universal Studios Singapore is actually refillable. At $28 per soda-filled tumbler, go get your money’s worth.


They may not be free, but they sure are pocket friendly: check out Resorts World Sentosa’s current accomodation, attractions, and F&B promotions. To read more about RWS Invites or to sign up as a member, visit the website here.


For more fun stuff about Resorts World Sentosa, check out ABCs of RWS. Catch the letter G next.

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