How to get invited to RWS Fans’ Day Out

 Fans' Day Out at the Open Ocean Habitat

2 March was a peculiar day at the S.E.A. Aquarium.

It started out normally with the familiar tunes of ambient music and the calming sight of our graceful aquatic friends when out of the blue (pun unintended), two black figures dove silently into the Open Ocean Habitat. Stealthily, they waded their way to the centre of the panel and within minutes the above happened.

Fans' Day Out 4

Just what was the occasion, you ask? It was the fourth installment of RWS’ Facebook Fans Day Out, of course. Just our way of appreciating you, our RWS Facebook fans, for your online contributions by treating you to a really exclusive offline experience. This time round, the day started with a wholesome Sesame Street Character Breakfast, some fun and games at the 3-day Sesame Street Carnival and a ride (or few) on the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, before an exclusive guided tour around  S.E.A. Aquarium.

Sesame Street Character Breakfast

Fans' Day Out 4

Now, we know that that’s nowhere near 300,000 fans you see in the photo.Which is why we’re here to share some quick tips on how to get yourself invited to the next Fans’ Day Out.

1. “Like” us

Just in case you’re still wondering…yes, hitting the “like” button is a must.

2. Get active

Fans' Day Out 4

Toss whatever you’ve got (related to the resort) at us, even if you look a tad wacky in the process…

Fans' Day Out 4

…shout outs, video logs and practically anything that tells us how you’ve spent your day with us. Oh yes, photos too, we love a good snap!

3. Make someone’s day

Spot a fellow fan’s queries on our wall that makes you go “Ah, I know the answer to that one”? Enlighten them with your knowledge of the resort, or share tips on getting around here. You’ll make their day for sure (and ours!)

Fans' Day Out 4

You don’t have to be die-hard, just show us this community means something to you. (Scroll up to point 1 if you’re still wondering how to do so.)   

With that, we’re looking forward to seeing more of you at the next Fans Day Out! Like our Facebook page here . Meanwhile here’s a peek at Fans’ Day Out 4.

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