[EXPLORE] 9 weeks of Cantonese goodness at Feng Shui Inn

Guangzhou dishes by Chef Yip at Feng Shui Inn RWS

Cantonese cuisine may be the most recognizable form of Chinese cuisine around the world, largely because the early emigrants came from the province of Guangdong. Yet even within Cantonese-style cooking, the taste varies across borders.

Over nine weeks starting 4 March, embark on a three-part Cantonese culinary journey at Feng Shui Inn and relish in the nuances of Cantonese flavours – beginning with the traditional flavours of Guangzhou.

Chef de Cuisine of Feng Shui Inn, Chef Yip Cheung Shui
Chef de Cuisine of Feng Shui Inn, Chef Yip Cheung Shui

Helmed by  Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong, Feng Shui Inn will be celebrating its new Chef de Cuisine, Chef Yip Cheung Shui’s new role from 4 March to 5 May. Experience Chef Yip’s past (Guangzhou), present (Hong Kong) and future (Singapore) with his offerings of nostalgic Cantonese delights for a period of three weeks each.

For the first three weeks of the promotion from 4 to 24 March, Chef Yip will be serving up his hometown’s cuisine through a traditional spread inspired by Guangzhou flavours, which is famed for its emphasis on the natural aromas and tastes of premium ingredients- light and fresh in the summer and autumn and rich in the spring and winter.

We take a look at two star dishes for this period.

Baked Shredded Salted Kampong Chicken

Baked Shredded Salted ‘Kampong’ Chicken

What to expect: A dish brimming with rich herbal flavours. Deboned and sliced, the result is tender bite-sized juicy meat. The whole kampong chicken is marinated with various ingredients like ginger, shallots and salt for 2 hours before buried in a clay pot filled with sea salt and baked till golden brown for an hour and 15 minutes. Chef Yip emphasized on using only ‘kampong’ chickens as the meat is firmer and has a more chewy texture which gives it a nice bite. Definitely worth a try, if not more.

Price: $22 per serving

Double boiled crab meat soup served in whole melon

Double boiled crab meat soup served in whole melon

What to expect: Savoury, flavourful soup served in a pretty bowl carved from a melon. It is filled to the brim with luxurious ingredients like Alaskan crab claw flesh, old chicken, lotus seeds and fresh shrimps, which we unearthed as we slowly dug into the bowl. The flavour of the melon seeps very gently into the soup, giving a refreshing edge to the broth.

Price: $38 per person

5-course set menu

If you’re up for a selection of Chef Yip’s hometown cuisine, opt for the 5-course set menu which boasts mains like the Steamed ‘Chan Village’ noodles with homemade chunky meat sauce and pan-fried lotus cutlets with minced pork and fish. End the hearty meal on a nutritious note with a bowl of imperial bird’s nest soup served with grated fresh lotus seeds.

Price: $88 per person with a minimum order of 2 set meals. Only for this set menu, RWS Invites members dine fraee with every 3 paying guests

For reservations, please call 6577 6599.

Look out for the next post that will showcase part two of this Cantonese culinary journey: Chef Yip’s Hong Kong-influenced Cantonese offerings

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