Reinvigorate your body with Shiatsu at ESPA

Renowned Shiatsu Master Yutaka Homma will be at ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa from 5 to 19 November 2017. Benefit from his superior expertise to overcome fatigue and body stiffness, or boost your vitality, during the Master’s first stint in Singapore.

Who is Yutaka Homma?

ESPA Shiatsu Master Yutaka Homma

Having graduated from Japan Shiatsu College in 1982, Yutaka Homma has practised and taught Shiatsu in Japan, Vietnam and the USA. Since establishing the Japan Shiatsu Promotion & Academy (J-SPA) in 2001, Yutaka Homma was invited to demonstrate his treatment at the Wellness Summit of Spa – Asia in 2008. He has over 35 years of shiatsu experience under his belt.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a hands-on method of preventive healthcare and wellness therapy, which adopts a holistic approach in achieving overall physical and mental well-being. A synthesis of Western models of anatomy and Eastern concepts of the flow of Ki energy through meridians, Shiatsu treatments involve applying pressure to points on the body to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing properties and correct imbalances throughout the body.

How it works

These key pressure points on the body are known as tsubo, each corresponding to specific lymph nodes and glands. Using only fingers and palms to apply sustained vertical pressure to a patient’s tsubo, a Shiatsu therapist aids in distributing energy levels throughout a person’s body and restoring it to optimal levels.

Benefits of Shiatsu

In addition to its immediate effect of muscle relaxation by promoting blood flow and flushing out toxins, Shiatsu also facilitates and increased range of motion and allows the skeletal system to rediscover its natural alignment. Through the tsubo, Shiatsu also regulates the nervous system, aids proper digestion and hormonal secretion within the endocrine system, thereby strengthening the immune system, reinvigorating the body and promoting mind-body integration.

Is Shiatsu for everyone?

Because Shiatsu is aimed at achieving wellness measured in terms of vitality rather than the mere absence of diseases, Shiatsu is recommended for everyone except pregnant ladies up to 6 months post-partum. ESPA proposes that pregnant or post-partum guests seek prior qualified medical advice on the suitability of any treatment.


Special invitation by ESPA, for internationally renowned shiatsu master Yutaka Homma. Slots are limited, so reserve now!

Dates: 5 to 19 November 2017
60-minute Shiatsu Treatment: S$230++
90-minute Shiatsu Treatment: S$310++

All Shiatsu Treatments come with complimentary access to ESPA facilities including forest onsen-style pools on the day of treatment.

RWS Invites logo text members enjoy 3% rebate.


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