Elmo Visits Universal Studios Singapore!

We welcomed Elmo to Universal Studios Singapore for a tea-time party on 23 September 2017, where he spread the message of kindness to all who were present as part of Sesame Street’s global #ShareTheLaughter campaign. We managed to catch up with our furry friend after the session and here’s what he had to say about kindness and his visit to Singapore.

Elmo at USS

Hi Elmo, welcome to Singapore! Are you excited to be here?

Elmo is so excited!  Elmo just got here today and Elmo’s going to go sightseeing. Elmo’s also going to try a fruit called “durian.”

You didn’t bring your goldfish Dorothy with you?

No, Dorothy stayed at home on Sesame Street.  But Elmo’s going to send her a postcard with a picture of all the pretty buildings Elmo has seen.

I watched you growing up, and you haven’t aged one bit! Care to share your secret? 

Why thank you! Elmo eats fruits and veggies, drinks plenty of water, and gets a lot of beauty rest.  That keeps Elmo’s fur shiny and healthy!

Elmo & Kimberly

What brings you here all the way from Sesame Street?

Elmo learned all about kindness on Sesame Street and Elmo wanted to tell Elmo’s Singaporean friends about it. It’s really easy.  You can do things like give hugs, say thank you, and draw a picture for someone when they’re sad.  But being kind isn’t just for monsters and people.  You can be kind to animals and the environment too.  You can give a dog a treat and make sure you pick up your trash.

What was one thing you liked about today’s tea-time party?

Elmo loved meeting all his new friends.  Elmo was telling them jokes like this one.  What did one pencil say to the other?  You look sharp!  Haha.  You get it? Everyone can be kind by telling jokes and sharing the laughter!

Were you nervous? 

Why would Elmo be nervous, silly?  Elmo loves a big adventure.

Thank you, Elmo!

Have breakfast with Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street

Where: Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, Universal Studios Singapore
When: Saturdays, 9am to 10.30am
How much: S$50 for adults, S$35 for children aged 4 to 12; RWS Invites Members and USS Season/Annual Pass holders: S$45 for adults, $32 for children aged 4 to 12; free admission for children under 4
*Guests will each require a separate admission ticket to Universal Studios Singapore, either via the Day Ticket or a Annual/ Season Pass.

Because the breakfast begins before the park opens, please meet our Sesame Street Character Breakfast crew at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore (outside VIP Reception) at 8:45am.

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