Eight new tips for a wonderful 2012

Ah 2012.

A spanking new year, a fresh beginning, and a time for resolutions.

Whether it is to be bigger, better, stronger or all of the above, resolutions are simply a way to be better versions of ourselves. Almost like a reboot. And while there are many ways to having a more fruitful year ahead, we have eight recommendations that might just make 2012 your superstar year.

Our characters from the Hollywood Dreams Parade show you how.

1. Sit in your own director’s chair every morning and plan out what your day should be like.

After all, you are the controller of your own destiny, so you call the shots.


2. Keep a pet.

Loyal critters help keep the blues at bay, and the stress away.


3. Roar at your enemies

Don’t let people take you for granted. Sometimes, you just have to show them who’s boss!


4. Keep fit. Pick up a new sport, or exercise more

There’ no better time than the start of the year too come up with a fitness plan. But remember to stick with it. Nothing beats having a healthy body.


5. Spend more time with your friends and family

Family and friends keep us afloat. Always remember to make time for them. It doesn’t take much. Just drive around town with the top down for some serious bonding.


6. Be genuine to everyone. The world will seem happier that way.

Always stay true to yourself, and to others. You’ll always have peace of mind when you practice that.


7. Have a parade in your honour

Celebrate your individuality, always. And don’t let anyone else tell you different!

8. And lastly, catch the Hollywood Dreams Parade for a touch of magic

Parades of any kind always put anyone in a good mood, so come on down to the park when you need some cheering up, and let the world of movies sweep your worries away.
A very merry 2012 to you!


Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood Dreams Parade will run every Saturday, Sunday, and select holidays at 6 p.m.

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