Easy, breezy times

WE know Singapore is one hot country. That, or it is raining. And cats and dogs at that.

So how have we prepared our guests for this, given that we know there will definitely be snaking queues as excited visitors throng the Universal Studios Singapore park once it is opened?

Look at the pictures themselves for an answer.

Guests can queue in relative comfort in the shade provided; coolers are used to keep temperatures down in queue lines as well. This is one of the queue areas  in the Madagascar zone.
This picture was taken in on a hot Tuesday at midday, when our very hardworking workers get a break.

Of course there are outdoor attractions, such as our blockbuster Battlestar Galactica. However, guests can enjoy the airconditioning in the queue areas while they wait their turn before going on the world’s tallest pair of dueling coasters.
Universal Studios Singapore has indoor attractions which are air-conditioned as well, and these include the Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4-D Adventure, as well as the madcap animals from Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, amongst several others,  so seriously, we are very serious about you having serious fun while being kept comfortable and sheltered from the elements.
Most of the pedestrian areas in the resort and Universal Studios Singapore are covered with a special canopy, which cuts off the heat from the sun and reduces the temperature in the area below by three to five degrees celsius. We are also using eco-coolers, which use about 20 percent of the energy used by conventional air conditioners to keep temperatures down.
We have an eco-lagoon as well where underground storage tanks are used to collect and store rainfall for our lush landscapes, and which, while saving the earth and her resources, helps us save up to $160,000 in our water bills.
These are but some of the reasons why we got the BCA Green award this year for our efforts in being environmentally friendly.

So don’t let the weather be a factor in deterring you from visiting us. Come by and visit when we open our doors!

Resorts World Sentosa’s four hotels: Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel, as well as SouthEast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park will debut in early 2010. 

For MICE bookings, please call 6577 9977 or email us at mice@rwsentosa.com

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