[FOOD] E: Egg tarts!

Egg tarts from around RWS

Who can deny the creamy, fluffy, sinfully rich goodness of a perfect egg tart? A marriage between English custard tarts and the quintessential flavours of cha chan tings (茶餐厅; teahouses prevalent especially in Hong Kong), not even the staunchest of diet fanatics will judge you if you down a few of these custardy creations in one go. We sniffed out the places in the Resort where you’ll find these eggy delights, all created differently to suit your tastebuds.

Feng Shui Inn

Egg tarts at Feng Shui Inn at RWS

Feng Shui Inn‘s kitchen is run by veteran Hong Kong chefs and it certainly takes the cake (or tart) when it comes to egg tarts. You’ll find two types of  bite-sized tarts here: one “original” and one topped with Long Biao (or Dragon brand) Bird’s Nest . We love the strong, aromatic egg taste; it’s smooth and the crust is quite substantial and flaky – great too if you’re not a fan of sweet things. The ones topped with bird’s nest add a whole new dimension to the texture: chewy and moist. Though we admit it doesn’t do much for the flavour, we like the idea that we’re eating something nutritious.

Price: $2 per “original” tart; $5 per bird’s nest tart

Hollywood China Bistro and Fish and Crab Shack

Egg tarts from Hollywood China Bistro and Maritime Experiential Museum

From the Resort’s central kitchen, this tart is for fans of the traditional Portuguese versions. Devilishly crispy pastry surrounds a sweet egg centre, nestled neatly in a foil cup. The filling reminds us of Crème brûlée, both in texture and sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth and like something with extra crunch, this is the tart for you – those without a penchant for sweet things may find it too cloying.

Price: $1 per tart at Hollywood China Bistro (at Universal Studios Singapore ®); $2.10 for two tarts at Fish and Crab Shack (at The Maritime Experiential Museum).

Malaysian Food Street

Egg tarts at Malaysian Food Street at RWS

Fung Wong Confectionery has got it right; at least, in our opinion. Generously sized (fits nicely into our palms), its filling is sturdy on the outside and creamy and buttery on the inside. We love that it’s cradled by fluffy French pastry. It’s lightly sweet and has a strong egg taste that emerges after a while and lingers pleasantly.  It melted in our mouths so fast we took seconds. And thirds. But be prepared to deal with errant crumbs!

Price: $1.30 per tart

The next time you drop by the Resort, go on an egg tart trail; have a helping (or more) of each and tell us what you think.

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