6 reasons durian is the most awesome fruit of all time

It’s just that time of the year once again where the smell of durians fill the air.

Need a reason to starting eating? How about six?

1. It is the only fruit of its size with spikes


The durian plays very hard to get. It is perhaps the only fruit of its size that has such a unique characteristic of having spikes on the outside.

Only when the durian is fully ripe that its thick rind will split along its seams, opening up to reveal a glorious thick layer of sweet, creamy flesh.

2. The durian tree is deceptively conscientious

While the durian tree is loaded with spikey cannons and is massively dangerous to anyone walking under it, the tree is considerate enough to only drop its fruit naturally after hours when the sun goes down.

Brave man under a durian tree
Uncle Lim likes to live dangerously.

Stories of folks being hit by falling durians? Those people probably deserved it.

3. More flavours than chocolate milk


No other fruit in the world has this many variants.

Ranging from the bittersweet Mao Shan Wang to the sweet Feng Jia, there’s is always a durian variant that will suit your fancy.

4. Too many conflicting health myths


Just like chocolate, the durian has plenty of health myths associated with it. While some might say that excessive consumption might lead to fattening waistlines and sore throats, this must surely be the work of rival mangosteen vendors.

Nothing confirms success than mudsligning to tarnish the durian’s name. Less durians for you, means more durians for me!

5. Forbidden fruits are always sweeter


In some countries like Singapore, the durian is banned in certain locations. How many other fruits can claim their own signage?

 6. It has its own buffet

We’ve all heard of niche buffets but none of those can compare to Resorts World Sentosa’s very own Durian Fest. All you can eat? Sign us up!

Resorts World Sentosa Durian Fest 2014

The biggest premium durian buffet is back.

Get reacquainted with all your favourite stars: Zhu Jiao, D13, D24, Ang Kar and Mao Shan Wang in a nostalgic hawker setting. Impress your friends with your knowledge of the 5 most popular durians in Singapore.

Event Date & Time:

10 Jul 2014 | 7pm – 8.30pm
13 Jul 2014 | 4.30pm – 6pm or 7pm – 8.30pm

RWS Invites member: Adult $68, Child $28 (4 – 12 years old)
Public: Adult $98, Child $48 (4 – 12 years old)

Venue: The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore

Call 6577 9788 to reserve a seat or book a slot for Durian Fest 2014 online. Limited seats are available!


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