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There are dumplings and there are haute cuisine dumplings packed with ingredients you only see in fancy restaurants. This year, five of our top restaurants have come together to present a unique dumpling festival package that comprises five distinctive dumplings, each bearing the restaurant’s unique concept and signature style.

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The 5-signature dumpling set comes packaged in a three-tiered bamboo steamer ready for steaming.

Tangerine: Organic Barley & Quinoa

Most dumplings are literally dripping with oil and calories. This vegetarian “spa” dumpling is anything but. Not only is it free of trans-fat and cholesterol, it is made of organic barley and superfood quinoa which helps you load up on molybdenum, manganese, dietary fibre, selenium, copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium, and niacin. In short, it’s good for your health. Plus, it tastes great.

Forest: Sea Whelk, Dried Oyster & Unagi

If you enjoy seafood and double boiled soups, you’d love this. Typically used in Cantonese soups for their intense flavours and nutritional value, sea whelks and dried oysters make a scrumptious appearance in this seafood dumpling, further enhanced by the smoky sweetness of Japanese unagi (eel).

Osia: Five Spiced Berkshire Pork

It’s hard to go back to your regular bak chang (pork dumpling) after you have tried this. The very rare Australian Byron Bay Berkshire Pork from a boutique farm in Australia is used in this dumpling, and Osia is the only restaurant that imports this premium meat into Singapore. Together with Chef Douglas and his grandmother’s secret five spice recipe, the juicy melt-in-your-mouth pork is steeped in warm spicy-sweet flavours that go so well with the glutinous rice.

Feng Shui Inn: 5 Grains with Australian Wild Abalone

Luxurious and healthy at the same time. Soybeans, wheat, broomcorn, foxtail millet and rice are wrapped around a succulent and flavourful 10-head whole abalone. Best savoured with Chef Li’s homemade superior soya sauce.

Syun: Ohagi

Traditionally served in autumn, Ohagi is a Japanese glutinous rice sweet treat. Like its traditional counterpart, the rice is first soaked for six hours prior to cooking to give it a firm, chewy texture. The cooked rice is then shaped, and covered with a thick layer of sweet azuki (red bean) paste.

Chef’s Tip:

To best enjoy the myriad of flavours, start with the mildest tasting dumpling in this order: Tangerine, Forest, Osia, Feng Shui Inn, Syun.

Dumpling Festival Package, with 5-signature dumpling in a three-tiered bamboo steamer ready for steaming, at S$78 nett
RWS Invites members enjoy a special price at S$68 nett
Preorder date: now till 6 June 2016 [Download preorder form]

Collection date: 26 May – 9 June 2016

To order, call 6577 6599 or email FengShuiInn@RWSentosa.com


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