A dumpling affair at Feng Shui Inn

For more than 2000 years, it has been customary to enjoy rice dumplings in memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan (340-278 B.C.), on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month – usually between late May and mid-June.

Rice dumplings are glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves or lotus leaves, and stuffed with an assortment of fillings. In Singapore, the three more popular types of rice dumplings are:

  • Traditional Hokkien dumplings – typically comprise shitake mushrooms, salted egg yolk, pork and chestnuts
  • Nyonya dumplings – traditionally filled with chopped candied winter melon and pork belly
  • “Lye water” dumplings – no filling but are dipped in Gula Melaka (palm sugar) or kaya (coconut jam) before eating.

Dumpling header

When it comes to dumplings, it’s never business as usual at Feng Shui Inn. This year, they are pairing tradition with modernism, almost like a Ying and Yang of gourmet dumplings – Traditional Hong Kong Yuen Long Dumpling and the more contemporary Sweet Custard Dumpling with Fresh Lily Bulbs.


Traditional Hong Kong Yuen Long Dumplings

Yuen Long Dumpling

Inspired by the rice dumplings of rustic villages in Yuen Long (New Territories, Hong Kong), these sizeable parcels of epicurean goodness pack a punch of nostalgia in every bite. At approximately 15cm by 15cm, these “pillow dumplings” are a treasure trove of premium ingredients, including braised abalone, French-style roasted pork, Japanese scallops, two types of mushrooms and hand shredded duck. Preserved vegetables and peanuts – two must-have ingredients in the original version also make an appearance as a reminder of its roots.

That’s not all.

These dumplings are complemented with a special dip made of premium soya sauce and sesame sauce. For a full-bodied epicurean experience, pour this sauce generously over the glutinous rice and ingredients and let it draw out the robust flavours and juices within.


Sweet Custard Dumplings with Fresh Lily Bulbs

custard dumpling

For those who prefer contemporary takes on traditional cuisine, these dumplings will hit all the sweet spots. Springy, smooth and aromatic all at once, these glistening pyramids of délice are meant to be eaten with two special dips – a Hokkaido custard dip made from organic Hokkaido fresh milk, and a lusciously thick Gula-Melaka dip.

As you cut into the dumpling further, a golden surprise of silky custard oozes out to add to the delightful sweetness without overpowering your taste buds. One word: divine.

Available from 19 May – 1 June 2014, exclusively at Feng Shui Inn.

  • Traditional Hong Kong Yuen Long Dumpling (with Premium Soya Sauce and Sesame Dip) – $48+ each
  • Sweet Custard Dumpling with Fresh Lily Bulbs (with Hokkaido Custard and Gula Melaka Dip) – $13.80+ per pair

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