Save on Dim Sum at Feng Shui Inn

A gem of a restaurant for fine Cantonese cuisine, Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Sentosa caters to discerning gourmands looking for the unique, authentic taste of this particular Chinese subculture.

One beloved part of Cantonese dining is dim sum, and the restaurant has a menu of fine dim sum dishes, from the classical to more contemporary creations. It uses premium ingredients so dining here can tend to end up on the pricier end.

But here’s a ‘secret’: you can shave almost a third off your dim sum bill at Feng Shui Inn, with its choice of 5 dim sum from 17 on its menu for just $28.80++ (instead of the usual price of $46++).

Let us whet your appetite a little more with a closer look at some of these dim sum dishes.

Steamed Wild Mushroom Dumpling

Steamed Wild Mushroom Dumpling

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much. But when you bite into it, it is oh so good.

Made from glutinous rice dough, the crystal skin is extra chewy but does not stick to the teeth. The different mushrooms explode into a mix of flavours and textures in your mouth.

The dumpling is savoury;  the shiitake mushroom smoky; the white button mushroom sweet; and the oyster mushroom nutty. Chewing, the shiitake mushroom is softer compared to the springiness of the white button mushroom, while the oyster mushroom has a firmer texture and is very chewy.

Together, they make for a simply amazing dumpling, which reinforces the saying, do not judge a dish by its appearance.

Deep-fried Minced Chicken Floss Bun

Deep-fried Minced Chicken Floss Bun

Don’t let its appearance fool you, the hedgehog might look like a sweet course, but it is actually savoury.

The skin, which makes the spikes of the hedgehog, is crispy, while the bun within is soft and light.

The deep-fried bun is not oily; in fact I found it to be on the drier side. It is balanced out by the moist filling of minced chicken floss. The sweet skin also pairs well with the salty taste of the salty chicken floss.

The various contrasting elements of this bun comes together into an adorable looking hedgehog, one that you’ll bound to have more than one of.

Crispy Alaskan Crab Box

Crispy Alaskan Crab Box

The wonton skin is thin and crispy, evident to the crunch it made when you bite into it. Inside, you will find a generous amount of Alaskan crab meat and chunks of prawn meat. The texture of the soft and smooth Alaskan crab meat contrasts well against the springiness of the bigger chunks of prawn meat and the crispy skin.

The fresh sweetness of the Alaskan crab shines through and made the dish a sweeter one than savoury. Making the deep-fried dish not at all oily, but rather refreshing.

On top of the basic 17, diners can pick from the Chef’s specialty menu ($8++ per dish). We take a look at three of these dishes.

Steamed Fish Maw with Black Flying Fish Roe

Steamed Fish Maw with Black Flying Fish Roe

Fish maw is one of the four precious traditional delicacies in Chinese cooking: rich in collagen, no cholesterol, soft in bite and smooth in taste.

Here, the fish maw has absorbed the rich savoury sauce.  With the wispy beaten eggs, meat paste, springy prawn bits, and fish roe for the extra flavor and bite, the dish is a pleasant addition to any dim sum meal.

Grouper Roll with Prawn and Avocado

Grouper Roll with Prawn and Avocado 

The skin of the roll is flaky and coated with breadcrumbs before frying hence giving it an extra crisp when you bite into it. The grouper is firm and has a mildly sweet flavour and the prawn is springy and chewy.

The avocado added another layer of texture as you bite into the roll and feel the mushy avocado. With the sweet and sour mango sauce, the savoury fried roll is not too greasy and will make you pop more than one into your mouth.

Diced Abalone Soup Dumpling with Prawn

Diced Abalone Soup Dumpling with Prawn

At first glance, this palm-sized dumpling in light, sweet broth may not look like your typical dumpling dish. But past the initial surprise, you’ll find a treasure trove of ingredients to sate most critics.

The translucent skin of the dumpling breaks apart easily with the probe of the chopstick, revealing chunks of tender chicken, spongy dried shiitake mushroom, springy prawn, stringy scallop and chewy abalone. They combine to give you a nice chewy texture with every bite. The sweet broth is icing on the this cake.



Price: S$28.80++ (U.P. S$46++)  for 5 dim sum. Dine-in only. |   members enjoy 3% rebate

Optional add on: Chef’s specialty dim sum at $8++ (U.P. $18.80++) each, or other dim sum at regular a la carte rates.

Available: Mondays to Fridays; 11.30am to 2.30pm, except eve of and public holidays.


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