Resorts World Sentosa career spotlight: Naturopath

As a firm believer in natural remedies, I’m the type who has always favoured herbal remedies over medication. My curiousity in alternative medicine was satisfied when I got the opportunity to experience ESPA Naturopath Tiffany Wee’s job.

Before our consultation and training session with Tiffany, the Lifestyle Coach Erwin Tan took us on a tour of ESPA.

As we made our way through the lush greenery and state-of-the-art facilities like hammam (Turkish bath), gym, sleep zones, and social relaxation lounges; it made me wish that I was working in such an exclusive and serene environment.

After the tour, I had a chat with Tiffany in her consultation room.

a day in the life of naturopath tiffany

Armed with naturopathic qualifications from Australia and extensive working experience at spas in the Maldives and Thailand, Tiffany is well-placed to be the resort’s in-house naturopath.

“As a destination spa, we believe in providing guests with a holistic experience and that’s where a naturopath comes into the picture.

“After conducting a lifestyle consultation with the client to understand his or her health condition, I will usually customise a wellness plan comprising nutritional advice, meal plan at Tangerine restaurant, spa treatments, and fitness activities for him or her,” said Tiffany.

Understanding guest’s health concenrs

Recommending a naturopath service for guests
Of all the concerns guests face, Tiffany says the most common one has to be stress.

“Many people attribute stress to a hectic work schedule or major life changes. What they don’t realise is that stress depletes magnesium in our body, which is crucial for relaxing our muscles and beneficial to our nervous system.”

“Mood swings are also linked to low magnesium levels. I will encourage guests with a demanding lifestyle to consider taking magnesium supplements or introduce magnesium-rich sources like sunflower seeds, seaweed or brazil nuts into their diet.”

Tiffany goes the extra mile to ensure that the holistic retreat experience extends to meals and accommodation by working closely with the Food & Beverage and hotel teams to infuse healthy spa elements into these areas.

Health check with iridology

Next, she shares an interesting tool she uses to assess an individual’s health–iridology, which is the study of the iris. This process provides clues to a person’s bodily constitution and can highlight imbalances ranging from stress to digestive complaints.

Practising iridology with naturopath

It was role play time as I got a chance to operate the iriscope to capture an image of this guest’s iris on the laptop. For a brief moment, I felt like a professional naturopath. Tiffany reviewed the magnified images and shared that this guest could benefit from a detox.
What spa products to use for stress
Now that the health evaluation is over, I recommended a signature set of ESPA detoxifying products to the guest for a Do It Yourself home spa session.

“Not bad. You managed to master our product knowledge within a short period. I could employ you as my part-time assistant if the need arises in future,” Tiffany comments approvingly of my “sales pitch”.

“The spa retreats are meant to be goal-oriented. My role as a naturopath is to educate clients and help them make conscious health choices with a basket of tools.”

ESPA’s naturopath, Tiffany Wee shares how she stays in great shape.
1) Breakfast typically consists of Greek yoghurt, flax seeds, acai powder and goji berries.
2) Whenever I feel peckish, I snack on nuts instead of candy and crisps.
3) Alternatively, I will fill up on oats drizzled with coconut oil.
4) I use Stevia (naturally-sourced sugar substitute) instead of white sugar to sweeten my beverages.
5) For peace of mind, I practise yoga and attend meditation classes.

For more information on services available at ESPA, please visit ESPA’s webpage.

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